Sapphire Group Collaborates With Renowned Designer Khadijah Shah of Élan

Sapphire Group collaborates with renowned designer Khadijah Shah of Élan for their debut Ready to Wear line – Sapphire!

One of Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of high quality yarns, fabrics and finished textile products (garments & home-textiles), the Sapphire Group has announced a collaborative venture with prominent fashion designer Khadijah Shah of Élan to introduce the Group’s debut Ready-to-Wear line Sapphire with their first flagship store to open at Dolmen Mall – Clifton [Karachi] on the 6th of December 2014.

Inspired by the rich culture and heritage of the East, Sapphire tells a story as timeless as time itself. Featuring patterns that are rooted in history with designs that speak of the present, the line boasts of high quality, aesthetically beautiful, refined fabric that provides a designer fashion experience at affordable prices.

The line features a diversity of productsfor all fashion needs, includingstitched day wear, unstitched printed fabric for women year round, scarves, a special formal range‘Naqaash’, a menswear line ‘Shikaara’ and a jewellery range consisting of precious and semi-precious stonescalled ‘Nigeen’.

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On the collaboration and Sapphire store launch, Nabeel Abdullah Director of Sapphire has said “The idea is to bring a superior product into the Pakistani market, both in terms of quality and design.

We will be selling a ‘designer’ product at an affordable price for our consumers. With Sapphire Group’s manufacturing strength and Khadijah Shah’s beautiful design aesthetics, we hope to set a new standard in Pakistan’s fashion industry.”

On collaborating with Sapphire, Creative Director Khadijah Shah said “Sapphire is one of the oldest and most renowned business houses of Pakistan. They have a long history of producing premier quality products in every industry they have so far ventured into. When Sapphire proposed a collaboration it seemed like a perfect fit and a great opportunity to create something outstanding together based on our individual and cumulative strengths. I am thrilled to introduce the mass retail Ready-to-wear label Sapphire. My design team and I spared no effort to create a line that is beautiful, versatile and appropriate for women of all ages, as per our design philosophy for Sapphire.”

With potential in the growing domestic market within Pakistan for high quality textile products, Sapphireendeavours to bring something special to the Pakistani consumer. Sapphire will be introducing 3 standalone stores; One in Karachi at Dolmen Mall Clifton on early December followed bytwo stores in Lahore in early 2015.

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