Shan-e-Ramzan Sehri and Iftar Transmission With Junaid Jamshed in Ramadan

Shan-e-Ramzan Sehri and Iftar Transmission With Junaid Jamshed in Ramadan: In Ramadan there are many transmissions are on air on different television Network of Pakistan. The ARY Digital is not getting behind; On ARY Digital you can see Shan e Ramzan Sehri and Iftar Transmission with Junaid Jamshed in Ramadan.

Junaid Jamshed is hosting this show with Waseem Badami. Shan e Ramadan Sehri and Iftar Transmission is very popular and you can take so many benefits from watching it. Many scholars of Islam come to this show and spread their rich Islamic knowledge with us.


They also tell Verses of Quran and Ahadees of Prophet Muhammad SAW and other in the show. Junaid Jamshed also talks about the Ramadan’s blessings and its importance. Watch this Ramadan transmission with your friends or family and take benefit from the blessings of Ramadan.

The show details and timings are given below:
Show Name: Shan e Ramadan

Network: ARY Digital

Host: Junaid Jamshed, Waseem Badami

Shane Sehr Transmission Timing: Start on 2:00 AM

Shane Aftar Transmission Timing: Start on 2:30 PM

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