Smartphones Prices Decrease Budget 2017-18

Now days smartphones are need of everyone. The biggest import of the Pakistan is smart phones. Recently the government announced good news for smart phone users Smartphones Prices Decrease Budget 2017-18. Government decrease the price of the smart phones. According to the finance minister Ishaq Dar “if a smartphone price has an RS 1000 then it decreases into RS 650. This is really a good step to provide better option and saves money. A smartphone user will save his RS 350 from the smart phone price of RS 1000.

Basically, there are three biggest categories of smartphones. These categories include every type of smartphone. Government decreases the rates of these three categories smartphones. The detail is given below.

Feature Smartphone
A smartphone, which has only common features and his prices is not high. The import duty is Rs 350 on this type of smartphones.

Low-end smartphones
These are those smartphones, which have some more interesting features including internet these types of smartphone, government decreases the import duty RS 650.

High-end smartphones
A good and popular brands of a smartphone such as Apple and Samsung. In this type of smartphone, which prices are very high in the market and also have good value. In this type of smartphone, government decrease import duty RS 1500.

So these are 3 types of smartphone commonly we use in our daily life, the smartphone becomes need of every poor and rich people. The smartphone is the biggest source of contacting someone without any trouble. The Pakistani government is going to full fill every need of public under budgets.

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