Turkey Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2013

Turkey Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2013: In this piece of article we will be highlighting all the informative facts regarding Turkey Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2013. These scholarships have been intended by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey for the Pakistani on Masters and PHD levels. The scholarships have been offered for the graduate level and per month scholarship has been 1,500 for the MSC students while for the PhD students the scholarship will be 1800. The duration of the scholarship has been set as 2 years foe the MSC students and the time limit for the PhD students is maximum 4 years.

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  1. The applicant Pakistani students must be Non-Turkish ones.
  2. For the MSC applicants the age limit is 30 years whereas for the PhD students the limit has been set as 35 years.
  3. For studying in the Turkey University the students must have done their graduation in the field study of natural sciences, engineering and technological sciences, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The main subjects that will be offered within the scholarships are Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. As we have mentioned in the very beginning that this scholarship opportunity has been just drive out for the MSC and PhD students.


  1. If the students are applying for the MSC then they are also required to submit their thesis as well.
  2. The age limit has been specified as 30 years for the MSC and 35 years for the PhD students.

So this was all about the Turkey Scholarship Program for the Pakistan Students 2013. If you think that you are eligible enough for this scholarship then just stop wasting your time and apply it now. Such valuable opportunities just arrive once in life.

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