World Post Day 2024

World Post Day 2024: Well when most of the people listen that the celebration of World Post Day then they normally put their mind on thinking that what so special about this day? Each year World Post Day is celebrated by Universal Postal Union. It is celebrated on 9th October every year.

This event was firstly declared for the first time by the foundation of Universal Post Union in Japan in 1969. The main aim of these happenings is to make the people know additional about the postal facilities and enhanced services and for that reason every year all the countries in this globe celebrate this day with great zeal and zest.

World Post Day 9th October
World Post Day 9th October

Through the company of media and public the people are making aware from certain aspects of the post and the hard work and complete dedication that is ruling behind this division.

In many countries this day is commenced in a form of public holiday in which all the postal areas are decorated and visited by the people whereas some countries esteemed this day by introducing fresh and latest services in their postal sections.

“World Post Day 2020”

Every year almost 150 countries highlight their passion and enthusiasm towards the World Postal Day. Additionally apart from it just like every day is celebrated with the beginning of the SMS in the same way people also exchange messages with one another through the mobiles.

This factor also make them aware from the increasing usage of the postal in this worldwide and its significance importance all over the globe.

 World Postal Day SMS 2024

  • Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas.  Have a Happy Postal Day.
  • Good Day I wish you Happy Postal Day Full of warmth and sun.
  • You too can be a messenger of good news, Have a Happy Postal Day.

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