Zero Sales of Honda Civics in Pakistan During March 2023

The auto industry’s challenges have caused a significant drop in car sales, which has affected Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) the most, according to a recent update.

The flagship sedan, Civic RS 22 Rear, did not sell a single unit last month, leading to a significant decline in total sales. It’s unclear whether poor demand or production issues were the cause of the lack of sales.

Honda Civic RS Turbo
Honda Civic RS Turbo

On March 31, Honda decided to extend its production shutdown for an additional 15 days due to supply chain disruptions caused by the deteriorating economy, as well as restrictions on raw materials and CKD imports.

The previous production shutdown lasted from March 9 to March 31, and the extension will continue from April 1 to April 15.

This means that Honda will have shut down car assembly operations in Pakistan for 38 days by the end of the extended shutdown. As a result of this dismal situation, Honda is likely to face challenges in terms of future sales.

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