ZIC Oil Price In Pakistan 2024 | ZIC Engine Oil Prices

Find ZIC Oil Price in Pakistan for 2024. ZIC Engine Oil Prices range from PKR 1,420 to PKR 13,877 for different variants. Stay informed!

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping track of oil prices is essential for both individuals and businesses. ZIC Oil is a prominent name in the Pakistani oil market, and understanding its prices in 2024 can have a significant impact on your budget and financial decisions.

In this article, we will delve into the factors influencing ZIC Oil prices in Pakistan in 2024, providing you with insights to make informed choices.

ZIC Oil prices in Pakistan
ZIC Oil prices in Pakistan

ZIC Oil Prices For Petrol Engine:

Sr. OIL 1 LITER Price 3 LITER Price 4 LITER Price
1 ZIC TOP 0W-40 Rs.3,205 Rs.9,615 Rs.13,225
2 ZIC X7 FE 0W-30 (OW – HYBRID) Rs.2,290 Rs.6,870 Rs.9,595
3 ZIC X7 FE 0W-20 Rs.2,400 Rs.7,045 Rs.9,390
4 ZIC X9 5W-40 (XQ) Rs.2,500 N/A Rs.9,790
5 ZIC X7 FE 5W-20 (A+) Rs.2,120 Rs.6,365 Rs.8,485
6 ZIC X7 10W-40 (A) Rs.1,910 Rs.5,730 Rs.7,640

ZIC Oil Prices For Diesel Engine:

1 ZIC X7000 10W-40/CI-4 (5000) Rs.1,380 Rs.5,340 N/A Rs.8,010
2 ZIC X7000 15W-40/CI-4 (5000 POWER) N/A Rs.6,755 N/A N/A
3 ZIC X5000 15W-40/CH-4 (SD 5000) N/A Rs.5,080 Rs.6,350 Rs.7,620
4 ZIC X3000 20W-50/CF-4 (SD 3000) Rs.1,340 Rs.5,340 N/A Rs.7,980

ZIC Oil Prices For Bike Engine:

OIL 700ml Prices 1 Liter Oil Prices
Zic M5 10W-50 (VHVI TECH) Rs.1,150 Rs.1,635
Zic M9 10W-40 (VHVI TECH) Rs.1,305 Rs.1,860
Zic M5 20W-40 (VHVI TECH) Rs.940 Rs.1330
Zic M3 20W-50 Rs.720 Rs.1,025

Factors Influencing Oil Prices in Pakistan

Global Crude Oil Prices

Global crude oil prices play a pivotal role in determining the cost of ZIC Oil in Pakistan. The international oil market is highly interconnected, and fluctuations in prices on a global scale can quickly affect what you pay at the pump. We’ll explore this relationship and its implications for consumers.

Exchange Rates and Their Role

Exchange rates can act as a hidden driver of oil prices in Pakistan. Understanding how changes in currency exchange rates impact the cost of imported oil products like ZIC Oil is crucial for comprehending price fluctuations.

Government Policies and Oil Prices

Government policies, including subsidies, taxation, and regulations, exert a direct influence on the final price of ZIC Oil. We’ll analyze how these policies shape the oil market and affect consumers’ wallets.

Supply and Demand Dynamics

Local oil production, import costs, and consumption patterns also contribute to the overall pricing of ZIC Oil. By examining these supply and demand dynamics, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of the market.

The Impact of Global Crude Oil Prices

The global crude oil market is known for its complexity, and its impact on Pakistan’s oil prices is undeniable. We’ll explore the intricate relationship between global and local prices and how organizations like OPEC influence the market. Additionally, we’ll delve into how economic events on the global stage can cause oil prices to soar or plummet.

Exchange Rates and Their Role

Exchange rates can be a perplexing factor in oil price fluctuations. We’ll break down the connection between exchange rates and oil prices, shedding light on the forces that shape Pakistan’s exchange rate dynamics and their subsequent impact on ZIC Oil prices.

Government Policies and Oil Prices

Government policies, particularly subsidies and taxation, can significantly affect ZIC Oil’s price. We’ll examine how these policies are structured and implemented and how they contribute to the final cost consumers face at the pump.

Supply and Demand Dynamics

Local oil production, the cost of imports, and the ever-shifting patterns of consumption all come together to determine ZIC Oil’s price. By understanding these dynamics, you’ll be better equipped to anticipate and navigate price fluctuations.

Analyzing ZIC Oil Prices in 2024

Let’s take a closer look at ZIC Oil prices specifically in 2024. We’ll analyze historical price trends, providing you with insights into what has shaped the current pricing landscape. Furthermore, we’ll attempt to forecast future prices and compare ZIC Oil’s pricing with that of competitors.

Tips for Consumers and Businesses

Armed with a deeper understanding of the factors affecting ZIC Oil prices, we’ll offer practical advice for both consumers and businesses. Learn cost-saving strategies, how to engage in strategic planning, and how to adapt to the inevitable ebb and flow of oil prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are ZIC Oil prices in Pakistan affected by international events?

  • Yes, ZIC Oil prices can be influenced by global events such as political instability, natural disasters, and economic shifts, as they impact global crude oil prices.

2. How can I track ZIC Oil prices in real-time?

  • You can monitor ZIC Oil prices through various mobile apps, websites, and by checking with local gas stations that sell ZIC Oil products.

3. Do government subsidies always lead to lower ZIC Oil prices for consumers?

  • Not necessarily. Government subsidies can help stabilize prices, but they depend on the government’s policies and budget constraints.

4. What strategies can businesses employ to mitigate the impact of oil price fluctuations?

  • Businesses can implement strategies like hedging, fuel-efficient technologies, and supply chain optimization to minimize the impact of oil price fluctuations.

5. Is ZIC Oil the only option for consumers in Pakistan, or are there alternatives?

  • While ZIC Oil is a popular choice, there are other oil brands available in Pakistan. Consumers can explore alternatives based on their preferences and requirements.


In conclusion, monitoring ZIC Oil prices in Pakistan in 2024 is not just about keeping tabs on a number; it’s about making informed decisions. Global crude oil prices, exchange rates, government policies, and supply and demand dynamics all play their part in determining what you pay for ZIC Oil.

By staying informed and applying the tips we’ve discussed, you can better manage your budget and adapt to the ever-changing oil market.

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