Mehreen Syed No.10 World’s Sexiest Asian Women 2012

Do you know that Mehreen Syed is No 10 World sexiest Asian women 2012? She has been mentioned within the ranking that has been carried out by the Eastern Eye Newspaper that is one of the distinguished newspapers of United Kingdom. Mehreen Syed has been not just the model of Pakistan fashion industry but she has been even honored for being the L’Oreal Paris Spokesperson and CEO of International Fashion Academy of Pakistan.

Mehreen Syed No.10 World’s Sexiest Asian Women 2012

Well at this point we would like to mention one point that this ranking was even included many Indian Bollywood actresses as well adding with the Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu. It is the matter of great honor for Mehreen Syed to make her name within the top ten sexy women of Asia because in this list Aishwarya Rai has been ranked at 16th ranking and Rani Mukherji has been placed at 22nd ranking.

Mehreen Syed has been switched to 10th ranking at the place of Deepika Padukone who is now at the 4th ranking for being the sexiest women of Asia. This whole process for selecting the sexiest women was undertaken by Asjad Nazir who is one of the top known host and journalist within United Kingdom. This ranking has been put forward for the public in the edition of Friday newspaper.

Furthermore, it has been further revealed that the votes that have been casted for Mehreen Syed has actually mounted up the voting heights of famous personalities like Shahrukh khan and Priyanka Chopra. Mehreen Syed has not just make a big name within the fashion industry but has even achieves big successful name within the international fashion universe as well.

She has been always witnessed in international fashion shows and advertisements and all the watchers appreciate and love her skills and talents. Asjad Nazir has stated that Mehreen Syed has been one of such faces that are much demandable within the film industry for sure. In the same ranking Priyanka Chopra has been set at first position, Kareena Kapoor score the second ranking and Katrina Kaif has been rest at third place.

Well this was all for the Mehreen Syed and her fresh achievement in her modeling career. But there is no doubt about it that this has been just made possible through her passion and dedication towards her work that enrolls her within the top ten sexiest women of Asia 2012.

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