NA-122 Lahore Candidates, Results, Maps, Election 2023

NA-122 Lahore Candidates Election 2023:  If you have been looking forward to get all the details about NA 122 Lahore elections then this article would be one of the most informative for you. NA 122 Lahore has been one of the most imperative regions so far inside the elections world each year. Every single time this region has been accounted with some of the strong candidates. But this time there has been something interesting and thrilling about this region and this has been the involvement of Imran Khan from the side of PTI.

Election-in-Pakistan ECP

He will be facing PPP and PML(N). There are many important areas that have been enclosed within the NA 112 Lahore that adds with Garhi Shahu, Baja Lines, Mayo Garden, Zaman Park, ample area of canal road Shadman, Shah Jamal, GOR, Ichhra, Rehmanpura and Samanabad. If we look back in the past history then in 2002 elections Imran Khan was defeated from one of the candidates of PML(N) named as Sardar Ayaz Sadiq.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq took hold over the 357321 votes whereas Imran Khan was just successful in getting 18638 votes. Hence this was one of the greatest margins for sure. Well this time the fight has been even tough because all the candidates have been stronger enough to make their place in Lahore.

As on one side Lahore has been said to be the city of PML(N) then on the other side Imran Khan has also gained much attention of the people through his processions and Jalsas. Now we have to see that which would be that lucky party candidate that will rule over the hearts of the Lahore nation and people. A lot of expectations have been termed by all the party members and it has been predicted that who so ever candidate will win he will work just for the betterment and prosperity of the Lahore.

NA-122 Lahore Candidates Election 2023

Candidate Name Party
Barrister Mian Amir Hassan PPP-P
Touseef ur Rehman Bhatti Advocate PML-C
Junaid Murtaza Independent
Hafiz Makhdoom MDM
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq PML-N
Samia Naz MQM
Shahenaz Laghari Independent
Imran Khan PTI
Fayaz Nazir Independent
Muhammad Aslam Rao Independent
Muhammad Awais Ijaz Independent
Muhammad Shakil Independent
Muhammad Imran Javaid Independent
Muhammad Naeem Mir Independent
Makhdoom Muhammad Javaid Hashmi Independent
Mushtaq Ahmed Bhatti S/O Nazir Ahmed Bhatti AJP
Malik Noor Muhammad Sarfraz Awan Advocate PJP
Mian Muhammad Liaqat Independent
Nawab Doctor Ambar Shahzada AJSP
Waheed Ahmed Khan TTP

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