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Reham Khan’s First Marriage Was With When and Where to?

Reham khan’s beginning of her career: Reham khan have had a really completely different career path as her degree was in education and even started a post graduate in social science before finding her chosen career – journalism. Read more →

Imran Khan and Reham Khan Wedding Pictures and Photo shoot

Former cricketer and current PTI chairman Imran Khan is re-married with Reham khan today. The 62-year-old Imran khan believed to possess tied the knot to a mother-of-three kids Reham khan .

Imran Khan and Reham Nikah Ceremony Held in bani gala imran khan house. Read more →

Prize Bond Draw Schedule for Year 2015

Schedule for prize Bond draw for 2015 has been announced by Ministry of finance Pakistan from January to December 2015. Read more →

Reham Khan and Imran Khan New Romance?

Imran Khan (Chairman)PTI ,always been within the news right from his cricket career due to his attractive temperament and females everywhere the planet are concerned in a method or in some variety of affairs.  Reham Khan and Imran Khan New Romance are mongering in social media and mass media.

Reham Khan forty three years, is sort of within the limelight within the Pakistani media now a days.  Her screen presence and attractive temperament has impressed several hearts in Pakistan. She may be a British Pakistani journalist. She is currently hosting her current affairs show on Aaj TV.

In her past she was a news anchor on BBC channel. Right once she joined the Pakistani media, Reham round-faced mixed response from the Pakistani audience and has been some extent of debate within the Pakistani media. She has been within the light-weight of contestation in several aspects.

Reham Khan and Imran KhanEither it’s her daring look or daring approach of dressing or be it some marriage offer by a Pakistani politician, Reham Khan is so somebody UN agency may be referred to as beauty with brains and may be a recent addition to the Pakistani journalism.

Although Imran Khan (chairman PTI) has disagreed with the reports that he got married to Reham the news concerning their affair is doing the spherical within the political and media circles.

Ms Reham has not nevertheless processed her position on these reports.
Although Imran Khan and Ms Reham build an honest couple however whether or not this ‘unconfirmed’ affair finishes up into wedding that just only time can tell.

Reham Khan and Imran Khan Wedding Pictures

134 Year Old Record Will be Broken in 2014

Environmental Scientist long warned that the Earth’s average temperature to 2 degrees Celsius increase the destruction Noting that the critical point is that the year 2014 Read more →

PTI Shutdown Call Lahore 15th December 2014

Talking about PTI shutdown call 15th December 2014, Imran Khan the chairman of Pakistan Tahreek-E-Insaaf announced some threatening points in his jalsa at D Chowk Azadi Square Islamabad On 30th November 2014. Read more →

PTI Islamabad Jalsa Girls Pictures 30 November 2014

On November 30, 2014 Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf (PTI) is doing biggest jalsa ever in capital of Pakistan Islamabad D chowk (Azadi Square Islamabad). Read more →

Bahria Town 7th Largest Mosque in Lahore

Bahria town project has constructed Pakistan biggest and world’s 7th largest mosque in the leadership of Malik Riaz, owner of Bahria town. Read more →

Bahria Town To Build 3rd Largest Mosque In Karachi

Bahria Town announces the world 3rd largest Mosque build in Karachi. Read more →

9 Muharram 1436 Hijri In Pakistan

Most of the people could not easily differentiate between the 10th and 9th Muharam 1436 Hijri in Pakistan. On the day of the 9th Muharam the God showcase his blessings and powers to the whole world. Read more →

10 Muharram 1436 Hijri In Pakistan

The day of 10th Muharam 1436 Hijri in Pakistan has been given the name of Ashura. All the Muslims and Shia community commence the month of 1436 Hijri Muharam for remembering the sufferings of Hazrat Hussain. Read more →

Muharram Holidays 1436 Hijri

Muharam holidays 2014 are frequently commenced by keeping in view the dates of the arrival of the Muharam 1436 Hijri. Muharam is an Arabic word that has been originated from the expression known as Haram. Read more →

Malala Yousafzai 2nd Pakistani to Win The Nobel Peace Prize 2014

Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai, 17th year youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize in history. They was shot in the head by the Taliban for promoter the right of girls to an education. Read more →

Police Clash With PTI and PAT Workers Pictures

Islamabad: Finally the dreadful face of the government has been unveiled last night which was disguising behind the innocent face of PML (N). Read more →

Azadi March by Imran Khan News Update, Twitter Messages, Speaches and Pictures

When revolution came in France, an angry crowd reached emperor’s castle by travelling 25 miles in no time. Read more →

Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Inqilab March Date Announced

Dr Tahir ul Qadri Youm e Shuhada end of speech Inqilab March Date Announced.

Same day already Imran Khan Azadi march but imran khan azadi march start 12th of august and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chief Dr. Muhammad Tahirul Qadri march starting on 14th of August.

Inqilab March  and Azadi March same page now.  Read more →

Tahirul Qadri Workers Removed Containers in Model Town

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chief Dr. Muhammad Tahirul Qadri workers removed the Containers in Model Town surrounding areas. Tahir Ul Qadri said before today remove everything in way of protest.  Read more →

PTI Peshawar 50,000 Worker Ready to Azadi March

PTI Peshawar MPA, district members and workers Participant on Azadi March 14th august to Islamabad. Read more →

World Post Day

Well when most of the people listen that the celebration of World Post Day then they normally put their mind on thinking that what so special about this day? Read more →

Shawwal Moon is Sighted in Saudi Arabia

According to the news Shawwal moon is sighted in Saudi Arabia and UAE, Eid-ul-fitr is tomorrow in Saudi Arabia.. Read more →

Security On High Alert For Youm-e-Ali Rally

as a part of security arrangements for Youm-e-Ali (RA) in various cities of the country, including Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Multan and Sialkot Read more →

Youm-E-Ali: Cell Phone Networks Shut Down In Karachi

Youm-E-Ali: Cell Phone Networks Shut Down In Pakistan: Sindh Home Department has requested to the Centre to shut down mobile phone services on Sunday due to Youm-e-Ali rallies. Read more →

FIFA World Cup 2014 Closing Ceremony – Pictures, Performances and Fireworks

FIFA World Cup 2014 Closing Ceremony – Pictures, Performances and Fireworks: FIFA World Cup 2014 is grabbing the attention of the football fans all over the world. Read more →

Ramadan 2014 Moon Sighted In Pakistan

After the maghrib azan Ramadan moon sighted in Pakistan. Easy saw the moon Lahore and Islamabad cities. Read more →

Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri To Arrive In June 23 Islamabad Airport

Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri Chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) will arrive in Pakistan on June 23 Islamabad airport. Read more →