PTI Jalsa At Minar-E-Pakistan Lahore | Imran Khan Historic Speech Lahore Jalsa

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been granted permission by the Lahore district administration to hold a rally at Minar Pakistan, which will take place between the night of March 25th and March 26th. The rally will start at 10 pm on March 25th and end at 3 am on March 26th.

Deputy Commissioner Lahore, Rafia Haider, issued a notification allowing the rally to take place, after taking an affidavit from the PTI. As per the permit, the rally administration will be responsible for the security of the stage and enclosures, and speeches against the judiciary and institutions will not be allowed.

PTI Jalsa In Lahore
PTI Jalsa In Lahore

It is worth noting that PTI had initially given a date of March 25th for the rally, but after changing various dates, the night between March 25th and March 26th has been finalized for the PTI Lahore rally.

Before granting permission for the rally, Justice Raheel Kamran of the Lahore High Court heard the petition of PTI Lahore President, Sheikh Imtiaz, against the district administration for not allowing PTI to hold the rally at Minar-i-Pakistan.

Deputy Commissioner Lahore, Rafia Haider, appeared before the court and informed that two applications were received from the PTI leadership regarding the permission of the rally. PTI first sought permission to hold the rally on March 22nd, while in the second application, PTI sought permission to hold the rally on March 26th.

During the previous Lahore rally, Imran Khan had announced a rally on Minar Pakistan on Sunday, March 19th. However, due to the tense situation in the city after the operation in Zaman Park Lahore, which started from March 12th, the Lahore High Court asked the PTI to change the date of the rally and also ordered to consult with the caretaker government of Punjab.

The meeting of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Punjab Governing Body was held at the party office, Jail Road Office, in connection to preparations for PTI jalsa at Minar Pakistan. The meeting was presided by the PTI President Central Punjab, Dr. Yasmin Rashid.

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