Suzuki Mehran 2013 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran 2013 Price in Pakistan: Do you want to know the Suzuki Mehran 2013 model price in Pakistan? Are you ready to make this car as the beauty of your house? Well if yes then just wear your glasses because in this article we will be highlighting all the main and prominent features and price of Suzuki Mehran 2013 in Pakistan. Suzuki has been one of the most top successful and leading companies in the Automobile Industries. This company has always arrived with such models of vehicles whose features and specifications has all the time won the hearts of the people. There is no doubt about the fact that they have every single time lived up on the expectations and wants of the people by offering with the finest and superior vehicle along with the affordable rates as well. This time as well Suzuki has arrived inside the market with their another most latest and fine looking Suzuki Mehran 2013. This model has been exceptionally loved by the public in just one look because it is much different in looks and body as compare to their previous introduced vehicles. In this further article we will be highlight the main features of Suzuki Mehran 2013.


  1. Suzuki Mehran is a 5 doors vehicle with the metallic body structure.
  2. It has the steering system with the rack and pinion versions.
  3. Suzuki Mehran 2013 has been accessible in 6 diverse color shades adding with white, red, black, blue, grey and so many others.
  4. Its transmission offers 4 forward and one reverse system.
  5. It has been introduced in two different models i.e. VX EURO II and VXR EURO 11.
  6. In additional features there are air conditioner, wheel caps, bumpers and high superior fabric stuff of seats.
  7. The fuel of the car can run at the distance of 11.15 kilometers whereas the gas cylinder can cover the maximum distance of 15-18 kilometers.


  1. Price of Suzuki Mehran 2013 VX EURO II is Rs 595,000.
  2. Price of Suzuki Mehran 2013 VXR EURO II is Rs. 652,000.

Well we hope that all the fetaures of Suzuki Mehran 2013 would have forced all the people to get hold over this car right now. So don’t wait any longer and grab it now before any one else would catch it. RUSH NOW………..

Suzuki Mehran 2013 Model

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