Top Tourist Attractions In Lebanon

Top Tourist Attractions In Lebanon: Here we will discuss top tourist attractions in Lebanon. We would like to mention that Lebanon is the beautiful place for spending vacations. As we know that few years back Lebanon has a troubled past but now every year many tourists visit Lebanon for seeing the top attractions. In this article, we will discuss the top tourist attractions in Lebanon.

Qadisha Valley

The best and top attractions are as follows:

  1. The most popular and well known tourist attraction in Lebanon is the Beirut. It is considered to be the most convenient and popular tourist spot in Lebanon. We would like to mention that Beirut is the great and best sightseeing destination in the whole Lebanon.
  2. The second top and popular attraction in Lebanon is the Saidon. It is also known as Saida. It is located at the southern side of Beirut. By visiting this place, tourists will find wonderful and beautiful buildings and gardens.
  3. The third popular and best destination in Lebanon is the Beit Ed Dine. This destination is very popular because of its striking and incredible design of architecture. This palace was constructed in the 19th century.
  4. If we talk about beautiful and top tourist attractions in Lebanon then we should mention the name of Tripoli. It is destination is famous for the existence of Crusader Castle and it is located at the northern side.
  5. Moreover, Qadisha Valley is also included in the list of top attractive spots in Lebanon. This destination is ideal for those tourists who would love to watch nature. We would like to mention that Qadisha Valley is the beautiful panoramic of the country.
  6. In additionally, Bsharreh is also famous as the top tourist attraction in Lebanon. For the readers, we would like to mention that this destination is the birth place of the well known Lebanese poet named as Gibran Khalil Gibran. The place is situated almost 1400 meters above the sea level.
  7. The last top and popular tourist attraction in Lebanon is the Baalbeck. This tourist spot is considered to be most popular destination for Roman architecture. We would like to mention that Ballbeck is the greatest and popular historical location in the whole world because of its largest conglomerate of Roman temples.

In the final conclusion, we can say that these are considered to be top and most popular tourist attractions in the whole Lebanon. If you want to spend your vacations then you should visit Lebanon.

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