14th November World Diabetes Day Celebrated 2024

World Diabetes Day is considered to be celebrated every year and it is celebrated on 14th November. Basically, the campaign of World Diabetes Day is conducted by the International Diabetes Federation and its member associations. It engages thousands of people regarding the awareness of diabetes. Basically, World Diabetes day was introduced in 1991 by the reputable International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization. We would like to mention that World Diabetes Day is the trustworthy campaign that includes the main theme selected by the International Diabetes Federation.

14th November World Diabetes Day Celebrated 2024

Now the question is that where it is celebrated: Normally, World Diabetes Day is celebrated in the whole world by the over almost 200 member associations of the International Diabetes Federation in more than almost 170 countries. In order to celebrate this day, many health departments, NGOs, diabetes organizations arranged different activities and seminars for creating the awareness of Diabetes. Each year, different activities have been organized such as:

  1. Different radio as well as television programs.
  2. Sports events.
  3. Public information meetings regarding diabetes.
  4. Diabetes workshops and various exhibitions.
  5. Press conferences.
  6. Walks.
  7. Political events.

Now the question is that is there is theme to celebrated the World Diabetes Day. Well, every year, the World Diabetes Day is celebrated on the particular theme. In 2005, the theme of World Debates day was Diabetes and foot care. In 2006, the theme of World Diabetes was Diabetes in Disadvantaged and the vulnerable. We would like to mention that the logo of World diabetes day is the blue circle.

This special logo was adopted in the year of 2007. The blue color shows that the world is united and this is the color of the United Nations Flag. Hence, we can say that The world Diabetes Day should be celebrated with great zeal and zest. According to the survey that almost 60 percent of population including men and women suffer from this disease especially in western countries. It is essential that diabetic patients should adopt preventive measures in order to control this disease.

Finally, we can say that the world diabetes day holds great importance and significance. Every person should know that diabetes is not a minor disease and if person thinks that he is experiencing this problem he should control in early stages before it gets serious.

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