9 Muharram 1445 Hijri In Pakistan

Most of the people could not easily differentiate between the 10th and 9th Muharam 1445 Hijri in Pakistan. On the day of the 9th Muharam the God showcase his blessings and powers to the whole world. This day gave birth too many prophets and in addition they were blessed with the increased miracles and powers by the God. Hazrat Ibrahim was born on this day. He was honored with the title of Khalil Ullah as the friend of God on this day. King Namrud also throw down the Holy prophet in the burning fire on 9th Muharam but the fire gets cooled down by the grace and blessings of God.

This day is also counted amongst the day of Ashura so it is also said that the Muslims must offer grants to the needy and poor people. All the Muslims and Shia must offer prayers and recite Surah Ikhlas almost 1000 times. Visit the assemblies of the Islamic scholars and help the orphans. All the women must avoid doing any form of entertainment and makeup application and must always keep them avail in the grief of Hazrat Hussain. In the prayers of Ashura the Muslim must recite the Surah Fatiha, Qadr, Zulzilah, Ikhlas, Falq, Naas and Wa-Shams.

Additionally, it is said that if the person will ask for the forgiveness on this day or even demands for any want then God will never make his wish as useless. Every single Rakat in the prayer will remove down all the sins for next two years. It is also obligatory that the Muslims and Shia must fast on this day because it has been recommended by the Holy Prophet.

On this day many lectures and assemblies are also undertaken by the Islamic scholars that make the person get further awareness regarding the Muharam. Hazrat Muhammad has stated that taking the fast during the Ashura is more blessed then maintains the fast for two years. In the battlefield of Karbala Hazrat Hussain fought with the enemies without drinking even a single sip of water and this fast would make the Muslims feel the pressure of thirst.

Well we are sure that through this article all the Muslims would have gained huge sum of knowledge regarding the importance of the 9th Muharam and its significance in the Islamic society as well. So don’t forget to fast on these days because this fast will bring you more closely to the Muharam.

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