10 Muharram In Pakistan 1446 Hijri

The day of 10th Muharam 1446 Hijri in Pakistan has been given the name of Ashura. All the Muslims and Shia community commence the month of 1446 Hijri Muharam for remembering the sufferings of Hazrat Hussain. On 61 AH (680 AD) the Battlefield of Karbala took away Hazrat Hussain from the Islam. He faced the death by fighting against the Yazeed armed forces for the benefits of Islam. Although the Muslims won the battle but they certainly looses Hazrat Hussain forever. Well for knowing the 10th Muharam we have to get back into the Pre-Islamic era when the Muslims stay away from fighting during the month of Muharam.

10 Muharram 1446Hijri In Pakistan

This concept was followed before the advent of Islam and even after the advent of Islam as well. As Hazrat Hussain turned into the religion of Islam he was living in Madina and at that time Madina was ruled by Yazeed forces. They enforce the Hazrat Hussain to leave the Madina at that instant moment. Hence, Hazrat Hussain refused to follow the commands of Yazeed and in this way a battle came into being. This battle took away the life of Hazrat Hussain just for overlooking the command of a normal person.

This day is just initiated for remembering the sufferings of Hazrat Hussain in the battlefield. Shia community commence this day and showcase their mourning by wearing the black shirts and keeping them away from all forms of the pleasure and entertainment. They have the conception that this month is Haram for happiness and smiles. In addition on the 10th Muharam the long walks and rallies are organized by the people and even the assemblies are held that gives out the lecture regarding the Muharam.

Furthermore, all the Shia Muslim community undertakes the fast as well on this day. Moreover the entire men category even beat them with the sticks and chains in such a manner that even the blood flows out from their bodies. They even start crying in the assemblies and cry out loudly “Ya Hussain Ya Hussain”.

It is said that in the battlefield Hazrat Hussain has make the use of white horse therefore the white horses are also used in the March past and rallies. On the whole it is therefore concluded that all such people who were not much aware from the importance of the Muharam they would have certainly gained huge sum of knowledge through this article.

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