Actress Shagufta Ijaz Made a ‘village’ at Home Rooftop

During lockdown, people are forced to stay at home, which is why if someone is trying to be a good chef, then this time seems to be the best for me time. This is a great time for artwork, home decor, cleaning or self-care.

When the topic of home renovation came into the hands of social media users, not only experiences but also the results of their efforts and beautiful ideas began to be shared through photos.

Actress Shagufta Ijaz, who hails from a small town in Gujarat’s Punjab district, turned the roof of her house into a ‘village’ in memory of the village.

She also shared photos of the ‘Rooftop village’ on his roof on Instagram, which was liked by Instagram users. He has named this ‘village’ ‘Sohna Sikhwal’. In the photos she has shared on Instagram, Shagufta is resting on her bed.

Commenting on the photos, actor Muneeb Butt wrote, “Looks like the parlor is closed so Apaji is resting.” Shagufta Ijaz replied, “And what to do then!”

Shagufta Ijaz is the actress who will play any role, so it seems as if this role is made for her.

These photos of him have been liked by social media users so much that he uploaded a video of his cooking in this village a few days later.

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