Allama Iqbal Day Sms Messages – Poetry – Shayari – Quotes

Here we will discuss 9 November Allama Iqbal Day sms, poetry, shayari, quotes. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal is the greatest Muslim thinker and poet of the century.

Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal

Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal Biography

He was born at Sialkot on 9th November 1877. His father Sheikh Nur Mohammad was a mystic from whom Iqbal inherited mysticism and deep love for religion. He received his early education at a local high school and passed Intermediate examination from Murrey College.

He had the good fortune of studying Arabic, Persian and Islamiyat under the inspiring guidance of Syed Mir Hassan. He went to Lahore for higher studies and joined the Government College. In 1899, he obtained is masters degree in Philosophy and joined the teaching staff of the government college.

He went to Europe in 1905 for higher studies in philosophy and law. He obtained his PH.D degree in philosophy from Germany. He was called to bar in 1908 and he returned to India the same year.

On his return, he started his legal practice, but his heart was not in it. Most of his time he devoted to poetry, philosophy and religion. He was an inspired and creative poet.

For him, poetry was only a medium for expressing his philosophical ideas, religious beliefs and political message. He published many volumes of poetry which have become classics of literature.

He was deeply interested in religion. In 1930, Iqbal presided over the Allahabad session of the All-India Muslim League. He asserted that the only solution of the problems of the Indian Muslims was the separate Muslim state.

This was the first demand for Pakistan. But he did not live to see the new state. He died on 21st April 1938. Allama Iqbal genius was fully recognized by his nation in his life time. He was immensely popular among all sections of the Muslims. Now we would like to mention few Allama Iqbal day sms, poetry, shayari and quotes. Let’s give a look.


Allama Iqbal Day Sms Messages

  • Sajdoon k ewiz fardoos mily ye bat mujay manzoor nahi.

Be-loos ibadat krta hon banda hon tera, mazdor nahi.

Happy Iqbal Day

  • ‘Na Thi Jab Apnay Haal Ki Khabar

Dekhtay Rahay Logon K Aib-o-Hunar

Parri Jab Apnay Gunahoon Par Nazar

To Nigah Mein Koi Aur Bura Na Raha.

Happy Iqbal Day

  • Hussn-e-Kirdaar say Noor-e-Mujassim Ho Ja,

Kay iblees Bhi Tujhay Dehkay to Musalmaan Ho Jaey…..!

Happy Iqbal Day

Allama Iqbal Poetry:

  • Taskeen na ho jis se wo raaz badal dalo

Jo raaz na rakh paye hamraaz badal dalo

Tum ne b suni ho gi bari aam kahawat hy
Anjam ka jo ho khatra aghaz badal dalo

Pur-soz dilon ko jo muskan na de paye
Sur hi na mile jis mai wo saaz badal dalo

Dushman k iradon ko hy zahir agar karna
Tum khel wohi khelo andaz badal dalo

Ay dost karo himat kuch door sawera hy
Agar chahte ho manzil tu parwaaz badal dalo….

  • Ishq qaatil say bhi, maqtool say hamdardi bhi,

Yeh bta kis say muhabbat ki jaza mangay ga.
Sajda Khaaliq ko bhi, iblees say yarana bhi,
Hashr mein kis say aqeedat ka sila mangay ga.

  • Tere ishq ki intaha chahta hun

Meri sadgi dekh kya chahta hun
Sitam ho k ho wada-e-behijabi
Koi bat sabr-azma chahta hun
Ye jannat mubarak rahe zahidon ko
K main ap ka samna chahta hun
Koi dam ka mehman hun ai ahl-e-mahfil
Chirag-e-sahar hun, bujha chahta hun

Allama Iqbal Shayari:

  • Mumkin hai ke tu jisko samjhata hai baharana,

Auron ki nigahon main wo mosam kho khizan ka,
Hai sil sila ehwal ka har lehza dagargun,
Aye salek rah fikr na kar sudo zayan ka,
Shayed ke zamin hai wo kisi aur jahan ki,
Tu jisko samjhta hai falak apne jahan ka,

  • Aey Tair-e-Lahooti, Uss Rizq Say Mout Achi,

Jis Rizq Say Aati Ho, Parwaz Main Kotahi,
Aain-e-Jawanmardi, Haq Goi-o-bay Baaqi,
Allah Kay Sheron Ko, Aati Nahin Rubaahi,

Allama Iqbal Quotes:

  • Become dust-and they will throw thee in the air, become stone-and they will throw thee on glass.
  • But only a brief moment is granted to the brave one breath or two, whose wage is the long nights of the grave.
  • Destiny is the prison and chain of the ignorant. Understand that destiny like the water of the Nile, water before the faithful, blood before the unbeliever.
  • If faith is lost, there is no security and there is no life for him who does not adhere to religion.


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