Australia Wins Champion Trophy Gold Medal

Australia wins 34th champion trophy gold medal today Australia hockey team played with Holland hockey team in men champion trophy tournament. After performing incredibly Australia won this men champion trophy tournament by 2 goals against Holland with the goal of 1.

Australia Wins Champion Trophy Gold Medal

In the end of hockey match, both hockey teams did single goal on their behalf. For making the final decision the management allots extra time for both the teams so that they can make extra goal. In other words, we can say that both rounds of the match got tie with the single goal on each team.

But when additional time allotted to both the teams, luckily Australia avail this chance and did additional goal against Holland. As we know that Australian hockey team is considered to be the best hockey team in this whole world. According to research that Australian hockey team is unbeatable.

Moreover, we can say that this final hockey match between Australia and Holland was full with excitement and adventure. Till the end of match, no one knows that who won this mega gold medal. Hence, we can say that without any doubt Australia hockey team truly deserve this gold medal.

Because since the starting of this tournament Australian hockey team performed incredible. So we can say that Australia becomes the champion of men champion hockey tournament and let’s see in next year who will be the champion. So knowing the updates of this exciting hockey match, all fans should visit this web page because by visiting this web page you will come to know other exciting match updates and sports news.

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