Basant Lahore 2024


Basant Lahore 2024: Here we will discuss Basant Lahore 2024. As we know that basant festival is considered to be most popular and favorite festival among the citizens of Lahore. Every person would love to celebrate basant festival on the larger scale. As we know that since five years, there has been ban for the celebration of basant festival. Punjab government strictly put ban on the celebration of basant festival lahore.

Now we would like to mention the most important and incredible news that caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab Najam Sethi has announced that this year basant festival will be celebrated on February 2016. In other words, we can say that this year the ban on basant festival will be lifted.

Basant Lahore 2024

Basant Lahore 2013

Now the question is that what are preparations or arrangements for the celebration of Basant Lahore 2024? We would like to mention that Lahore citizens should make special arrangements for enjoying basant festival on the larger scale. It is important that citizens should celebrate the basant festival with great zeal and zest.

Moreover, we would like to mention that every age of person whether young boy, girl, man or woman would love to enjoy kite-flying. In additionally, citizens of Lahore will arrange many preparations, cook food etc.

On the whole after discussing the popularity of basant Lahore 2024 it is easy to conclude that those citizens who want to celebrate this incredible festival they should wait till February .

In other words, we can say that Basant festival is the sign of enjoyment and happiness. In the final conclusion, we can say that if you want to celebrate basant festival on the larger scale then you should wait till February 2024.

We are completely sure that Lahore citizens will definitely enjoy this festival after the longer time period of 8 years.




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