Big Drinking By Lindsay Lohan Shuns Rehab

Lindsay Lohan has been one of the famous and yet the most popular star of “Liz & Dick”. Lindsay Lohan has been prison because of attacking in physical mode to a fortune teller at the night club. The actual matter starts with the conversation when a person sitting at the night club revealed the fact she has been facing the huge problem of alcohol and even drinks maximum two liter of Vodka every day.

Big Drinking By Lindsay Lohan Shuns Rehab

But she didn’t believe on this truth and for showing her anger and frustration she started beating the person and even harms him physically as well. Sources have reported that Lindsay Lohan has been trapped in some legal problems because of which she has been much stressed out and depressed. In addition, she has also been involved in facing the huge titanic criticism over her performance in movie that was about the life of Elizabeth Taylor.

Lohan has clarified in the statement that she has finally completed three movies that shows that she has been perfectly fine and has not been facing any drinking troublesome. Well this has been the main reason that she is even avoiding going back to Rehab as well because she has the fear of getting imprisoned in the jail because of her careless attitude.

Well all such people who have been the deepest fans of Lindsay Lohan they should pray that she may get free from all the tensions and worries and even from the drinking habit as well because this will totally ruin her future life.

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