Castres vs Glasgow Heineken Cup Live Score

Are you all ready to watch the exciting match of Rugby Castres vs Glasgow Heineken Cup Live Score? This will be one of the most exciting matches of the whole Rugby Heineken Cup. As we all aware that this event has been taking place on 15th December 2012 and all the Rugby lovers are badly excited for this happening. This match will be commencing in Castres on 16th December 2012 that is Sunday.


This match will be shown live on the television screens at 13:45 on local time and 17:45 at Pakistan time. We are sure that all the fans of Heineken Cup Castres and Glasgow would be curious to witness the match and watch their favorite teams fighting for the victory. This match would surely be nail biting match because both of the two teams have their own skills and abilities that would might appear as positive one the battlefield.

All the fans can get the details about this match on this webpage. In addition, if they want to get any details about the event and the match’s information they are just required to get switch on this webpage and they will be able to get all the valuable details and facts. As we look upon the players of both these teams then they are hugely qualified and well experienced within their abilities and they fully know about their goal placements.

All such players have been taken from the best and known Rugby teams in the whole world. Well on the whole of it we would say that all the people out there don’t forget to switch on your television screens on 16th December 2012 and boost up the spirit of your favorite team. 

Castres vs Glasgow Heineken Cup Live Score

Castres vs Glasgow

Venue: Castres

Date: 16th December 2012

Time: 13:45 local, 12:45 GMT, 17:45 PKT

Castres 10 : 8 Glasgow

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