Celebration of Viral Girl Ayesha’s 20th Birthday

Recently, Viral Girl Ayesha, also known as Mano, celebrated her 20th birthday with her friends.

In November, she gained international fame when she posted a dance video on the classic Bollywood song, “Mera Dil Yeh Pukarey Aja,” which went viral. Ayesha has a passion for dance and frequently shares her dance videos on social media.

On her birthday, Ayesha posted pictures from her celebration on social media. She celebrated with her friends and the birthday setup was beautiful.


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In one of the pictures, Ayesha is seen posing in front of a decorative wall that reads, “Log Kia Kahen Gay – What Will People Say?” She also had a birthday dinner and looked lovely in a western outfit.

Check out these pictures from Ayesha’s birthday celebration.

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