Current Social Issues in Pakistan

As we look upon the working of the present government then there is no doubt about it that just because of this government the current social issues in Pakistan have risen to its highest limit. This is probably the sad situation of Pakistan because there is no other country in the whole world that has been trapped in such an increased number of the problems.

Current Social Issues in Pakistan

Social Issues in Pakistan

1. Poverty: 

One of the most disturbing problems has been in the face of the poverty. According to the recent survey almost 60% of the Pakistan population has been facing the poverty life and every single year this percentage is increasing by 10%. It is very sad to think that we selected such Government that promised to give away food, clothing and shelter but in real sense it grabbed over all such items and left the person with poverty lifestyle.

2. Illiteracy:

Next is the illiteracy. This has been one of the emerging troublesome that is attacking the Pakistan every stage. As on one hand the number of children in schools is getting decreased then on other side all the women and female education centers in FATA and Swat has been burned.

3. Corruption And Terrorism:

Additionally, terrorism and corruption has been said to the family friend of Pakistan. There would be no single politician that would not be corrupted and take hold over the illegal activities. Terrorism if slowly eating the Pakistan like Fungus and the corruption has even reached in the jobs and companies that it is disturbing the bright future of the students and forthcoming generations. In addition, as we know that we gain the Pakistan by striving hard from the British. Quaid-e-Azam makes his own rules and principles and never consults the other countries then why are we resting upon the International countries consultation for running our country? We are familiar that all such countries have been constantly marking us as the terrorist country but still we are living on the funds and finances that have been offered by all such countries.

Moreover, even all the Pakistanis have been trapping into the dangerous and dreadful health problems and this is just due to the negligence and over look attitude towards the cleanliness of the country. In the end we can say that there are many questions that are revolving in the minds. But just gathering the questions is not the just solution. We have to dig out its answers before it gets too late.

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