Djuice Ramadan Offer 2024

Djuice Ramzan Offer 2024: Have you used Telenor Dijuice Ramadan offers 2024? Well if not then you are probably making the biggest mistake for sure! Dijuice is known as one of the most famous and one of the renowned cellular networks in Pakistan. This network has been introduced in Pakistan as the sub network of Telenor. Dijuice has been especially intended for the young generation boys and girls. Their lowest calling rates, SMS bundle and internet rates as well. Every single time their highlighted packages have been much liked by the public that force them to grab their packages and services next time as well. They have undoubtedly gained much attention and success in jute few years and this shows that their services have been the perfect ones.

Djuice Ramadan Offer 2024

Djuice Ramzan Offer 2013

Now without wasting any longer time we will mention about the newly arrived Dijuice offer. This moment Dijuice has arrived with their Ramadan Offer 2016. Through this offer all the Dijuice and Telenor TalkShawk customers would be able to make the calls free of cost for the one whole day. We are sure that this news would be much surprising for sure!

In the below article we are mentioning some of the main details in view of this Dijuice Ramadan Offer 2024.


·         This offer will allow all the Dijuice and Telenor customers to make the calls free of cost from 7pm till 11pm.

·         The cost of this package is Rs. 14.99 plus tax.


In order to get subscribed with this Ramadan offer the customers can dial *0001#.

This offer will allow all the customers to even get connected with their relatives and closed ones in the month of Ramadan as well. They wish them with the Happy Ramadan greetings by making the long calls for complete day. This offer has been much affordable for the new users of Telenor. If in case they have less than Rs. 14.99 balance then they will immediately get unsubscribed with this offer. After loading their balance they need to activate it one more time.

So all the Dijuice users out there if you think that this offer is best for getting closer with your relative and friends then we are sure that you will love using it for sure. You just activate it right now before the Ramadan gets over. 

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