Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays Announce 2013

Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays Announce As we all know that the last Ashura of Ramadan has been going on and probably all the people of Pakistan and Islamic countries has been excitedly waiting around for the arrival of the Eid holidays in pakistan. But now the people do not need to wait around any longer because finally the Eid holidays have been all stated out for the people of Pakistan. According to the Federal Government it has been declared that Eid holidays will be starting from 8th August 2013 till 10th August 2013.

It means that the people will be getting the chance to make their Eid special and memorable for three days. As the Eid is just few days far away so all the people of Pakistan have indulged themselves in carrying out the shopping for their Eid. All the markets have get crowded with the people who are getting crazy to grab out the best and stunning looking dress for themselves.


So this was all about the Eid holidays latest news! Now the people prepare themselves because just few days are left for the arrival of Eid greetings and we are sure that just like each year you would surely be planning to make this Eid even much more special and remarkable best for you.

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