Famous Tourist Attractions In Lyon

Famous Tourist Attractions In Lyon: Through this piece of article you will get to know some of the famous tourist attractions in Lyon. Lyon is probably an unknown place for majority of the people because it is quite smallest ones. But still this small place of France has been filled with huge sum of the attractive places that is simply attention grabbing for the people. The landscapes and the natural beauty along with the architectural scenes are some of the major factors that drive the interest and attention of the coming tourists. Let’s have a quick look at some of the best places of the Lyon that become the source of attractiveness for the people.

Tourist Attractions In Lyon



Just as the name itself the place is also much more interesting and amazing looking for the tourists. In the beginning of the 19th century this architectural building was build that signifies the history of the France and its traditions. In this fortress the cathedral has also been build that actually inspires the people a lot. It remained till 7pm and all the visitors are free to visit this place till 7p without giving any fee charges.


This has been marked out to be the oldest theater of France. It has been surrounded by all the inhabitants of France. There is also the set up of the Shrine for the sake of the worshipping. The way the artist has implicated the history of the France has been simply eye catching and truly amazing.


The City of Lyon has been gaining much attention because of its silk manufacturing industries. There are approximate 400 industries that are working in Lyon in concern with the silk production. All those visitors that have been searching out for the innovative structures then this industry would be surely a lot impressive for them. The opening hours for the tourists begins at 9am from Monday to Saturday.


On the last we will mention about the Aquarium Du Grand Lyon. This has been one of the excited fascinating places for the visitors and tourists. This place has been involved with the construction of the underwater scheme that place huge number of the water species and fishes for the sake of entertainment. It gets opened for the visitors from Monday to Saturday at 10am and remained opened till 10pm at night.

Well if you want to have a view of all such fun loving places then don’t miss out grabbing them in your next Lyon trip.

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