Freedom Tower – One World Trade Center New York City

Freedom Tower – One World Trade Center New York City Opening Day Ceremony: You might have listened about the name of World Trade Center in your studies but now this World Trade Center has been known with the name of “Freedom Tower”.

This is one of the primary buildings that has been all set in New York City. This is one of the tallest buildings that are currently standing in United States. In this article we will going to give away the readers with the full fledge information all in view with the Freedom Tower or World Trade Center.


As we all know that in the year 2001 on 11th September World Trade Center was complete destroyed in the enemies and since that time United States has been all trying with their level best efforts to bring back the tower one more time in New York. In the very beginning there were much criticism in rebuilding the tower one more time and finally in the year 2003 Lower Manhattan Development Corporation undertake with the project of building the tower one more time.

One World Trade Center


In the month of December 2002, World Trade Center was once again bringing into the redesigning that was done by Danile Libeskind. He undertake with the complete revision about the center so that he can give this country back with the previous World Trade Center.

The main hurdle that was seen in view with the criticism was that the developers want to design the limited numbers of floors in the center but in that case this will never going to make World Trade Center as the tallest building any more. In this new project only 82 floors were need to be mentioned and the construction has been reduced by more than 3,000,000 square feet (280,000 m2) as compare to the previous original complex. The heights of the buildings would be all completed by the large, open-air steel lattice structure above the roof of the tower that would be installed with the wind turbines and “sky gardens”.

In the year 2005 on 28th June the final design of the World Trade Center was unveiled that was given the name of “Freedom Tower”.


1.      On November 18, 2006 almost 400 cubic yards of concrete was used onto the foundations that was all carried by as many as 40 trucks

2.      By the end of 2007 the tower’s footings and foundations were nearly complete.

3.      By the end of 2010 almost 55 stories of Freedom Tower were completed.

4.      By September 11, 2011 the construction reached at 82nd floor.

5.      Almost US$3 billion or $1,150 per square foot was spent on the rebuilding of the Freedom Tower.

This would definitely be great news for the citizens of United States because one more time they are getting back with their World Trade Center in the name of Freedom Tower.

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