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Have you ever taken pleasuring rest time in the guest houses in Gujranwala? Are you interested to know about the fun loving and interesting served list of guest houses? Gujranwala has been known as one of the most popular and yet the distinguished industrial city of Punjab Province.

This city has been marked as 7th biggest cities of the Pakistan country that even covers the total population of 2,661,360 Gujranwala even shares the borders limitations with Alipur Chatha, Kamonke and Ghakkar Mandi. Although the language of Punjabi is quite common in Gujranwala but it even accompanies the schools and colleges that offers English and Urdu languages. One of the main reasons for being such successful in trade and industries has been its roads facility that allows to get connected with other cities. The Grand Trunk Road of Gujranwala connects with city with Lahore and Peshawar.

In simple words, this city falls in between Lahore and Wazirabad that is placed in Gujarat. In the production sector Gujranwala has made huge progress with the categories of melons, sugarcane and grains. Gujranwala has been even honored with the title of exporting the first rate quality rice in the whole world. In the industrial sector this city has arrived with the production capacity of ceramics , Fans, electrical switch gears, engineering tools, Agricultural moving machinery, steel, cutlery, crockery, iron safes, metal tool, utensils, textiles, Woolen Sweaters, sanitary Fittings and tannery production.

This city has been located so much near to Lahore and Islamabad that the person can easily get travel to Lahore in just two hours and to Islamabad in just three hours. This city has even connected its railway tracks with many major cities of Pakistan adding with Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad.  On the other side Gujranwala is also marked as one of the heartwarming welcoming city in Pakistan.

Gujranwala Map

This city has been equipped with all the finest and top excellent guest houses that have all the time arrived frontward for providing the convenience and easiness to the forthcoming customers and tourist. In this article we are mentioning some of the famous and widely recognized guest houses in Gujranwala.


Address:Abu Ul Bayan Road, G.T. Road, General Bus Stand, Opposite Model Town, Gujranwala, Pakistan

Contact number: +92-333-8143898


  • Lepari Hotel and Guest House

Address:Khawaja Plaza, Sheranwala Bagh, G.T. Road, Gujranwala, Pakistan

Contact Number: +92-55-4235701


  • Marian Hotel

Phone Number: 92-55-3261444

Address: 10 Km, G.T. Road, Attawa, Gujranwala, Pakistan

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