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Guest House in Lahore: Do you want to get sufficient details about the guest houses in Lahore? Well if yes then you must read this article because here we are going to discuss about some of the most famous and hugely known guest houses within the famous city of Punjab known as Lahore.

Lahore has been known for many special and memorable reasons. This city gave birth to one of the greatest leaders and poet of all over the planet as Allama Iqbal. The very first resolution of building Pakistan was passed in Lahore at Minare-Pakistan. This city has been surrounded by one of the beautiful mosques of the world named as Badshahi Mosque. There are many such reasons for which Lahore has been termed as the city of fun, joy, entertainment and late night shinning streets.

Guest House in Lahore

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It would not be wrong to say that the roads of Lahore are even filled in the morning and are even over crowded at the middle of the nights as well. It is just due to such facts that the people of Lahore are known as Zinda Dilane-Lahore. In addition, this city has also been known as the city of Colleges because every single college that has been presently functioning in Lahore has been much known and popular for their universal standard of education.

Well as we are talking about the guest houses of Lahore then there are wide ranges of guest houses that are serving the people with the huge sum of finest and top excellent services at the highest height. In this article we are going to highlight the list of guest houses in Lahore. Almost all the guest houses are in the effort to match with the services of the five star hotels such as Avari and Pearl Continental hotel and they are certainly getting successful to certain extent.

If you are just thinking about of visiting Lahore and are worried about the staying tensions then just stop thinking about it because guest houses of Lahore are all set with the greatest and titanic amount of everlasting comfortable and soothe facilities for you and your family. Now let’s have a quick look at the list of guest houses in Lahore.


  • Haven Hotel
  • Hotel One at MM Alam Road
  • Hotel One at Faisal Town
  • Dream  Residency Guest House
  • Eastern Lodge Guest House
  • Luxury Palace Guest House
  • Royal Palace Guest House

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