Guest House in Sialkot

Guest House in Sialkot: Do you want to know about the guest houses in Sialkot? Well if yes then you have to read this piece of article for sure! Sialkot has been termed as one of the slowly getting successful cities of Pakistan. This city falls in the Punjab Province. This city has been known as one of the oldest cities of Pakistan that has accounted all sort of religions within its custody adding with  Hindu, Buddhist, Persian, Greek, Afghan, Turk, Sikh,Mughal and British rule to that of present-day Pakistan.

Guest House in Sialkot

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The current population of Sialkot has been marked as 510,863. However, its growth rates in terms of population has been much low and small as compare to many other cities and districts of Pakistan. In 1947 Sialkot was the first and yet the sixth largest city in population and now in 2009 Sialkot has become the 13th largest city. This city follows the magic of their Punjabi language but still Urdu and Pushto are much common in this city. Sialkot has been top four cities of Pakistan in face of economic situations after Lahore, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. Lahore Stock Exchange has also been connected with the Sialkot through the coordination of Sialkot Trading Floor.

State Bank of Pakistan has even opened its one branch in Sialkot as well. This city has been even awarded with many commercial and industrial awards for their export quality and development. This city has been termed as the biggest and yet the largest city in view of the per capita income in Pakistan. In this article we are mentioning the list of some of the famous and well known guest houses that falls within the Sialkot city. These hotels have well maintained with their foundation and services and have offered every variety of the foods and refreshment facilities for their visitors and customers. Let’s just not wait anymore time and show back the list of guest houses along with their address and contact numbers. On the whole all such families out there if you are just thinking for visiting Sialkot then don’t forget to get hold over these guest houses and we are sure that they will live up to your expectations for sure.


  • Royal Guest House

Address: Paris Road Anwar Street, Opposite P.O.Kutchery Sialkot

Contact Number: +92-52-4272834


  • Hotel Taj Palace

Address: Kutchery Road, Sialkot, Pakistan

Contact Number: 92-52-4270034

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