Hair Loss in Pregnancy Problems And Solutions

Hair Loss in Pregnancy: All the way through this article we will going to highlight down some of the hair loss pregnancy problems and their solutions as well. We all know that during the time of pregnancy the problems of hair loss can take place in varieties of terms. Well hair loss can takes place in both men and women because of the increased stress, enthusiasm and changes in lifestyles.

But on other side there are many women as well who have reported that their hair goes extra better during the time of their pregnancy. They felt thicker and had more body and brightness.

 Hair Loss Pregnancy


In the very beginning of the first trimester your hair may feel thicker. It will going to get so thick that you will going to feel that your hairs are actually facing the extreme hair growth. Here we will going to mention for the women that hair only grows half an inch monthly for that reason it would take around half a year to a year for the sake of noticing any changes in the thickness of the hair growth.

Hair Loss in Pregnancy

Hair Loss in Pregnancy

The hair thickness can take place just because of the reason that the expectation increases oestrogen levels and reduces the circulation of androgens that are the male hormones. This will going to help the follicles to create less sebum oil and eventually you will going to gain more bouncier roots and more body. Neverthless the less sebum can make hairs drier so don’t miss out to moisturize and hydrate your hair.


Most of the women find their hairs as shedding in the time of expectation. Most of the times your hairs are found to be thicker and fuller towards the middle and end of your pregnancy. This can might take place because of the raised estrogen levels that will going to ensure your hair among the growing phase for longer than usual.


  1. You should maintain your proper diet plan that will going to help you in making your hair cells stronger ones. In order to make the hairs healthy and balanced you should follow the 4-hour nutrition rule.
  2.   Avoid getting hold over the dryness in the hairs. You should make the use of best shampoo and conditioner products.

So this was all about the hair fall problems in the pregnancy! Besides following the tips make sure that you don’t spoil the diet plan as it can bring harms to your baby as well.

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