Happy Mother’s Day SMS Messages

Happy Mother’s Day SMS Messages: In this article we will be mentioning some of the Happy Mother’s Day Messages for the readers. As we all know that as some of the special occasion or some religious festival arrives then the entire whole world start sending the SMS messages to one another for increasing the prominence of this festival.

As we all know that very soon Mother Day will be soon approaching on 10th May 2013 and all the small kids and even the adult ones would be anxious ones that how they can make their mothers feel special and ordinary in this world. There is no doubt that every single person loves their mother and for them their mothers are unique ones in the whole world but still expressing the love, care and affection is much vital for all the people. Just like a person cannot live without the heart in the same way the person life is useless without the mother. He simply can’t breathe without the shadow of the mother.

Now we will be mentioning out some of the Happy Mother’s Day SMS messages that would be much easy task for the people to spread the importance of the mother. These messages would be even helpful for all such people who have somehow forget this day and can even make their mothers loveable in this world at the last minute as well.

Mother Day Cards 01

These SMS messages can be spread not just on the mobile phones but even on the social websites as well. In this way you can even become the message sender as well. So all the readers out there just don’t forget to prominence of the mothers through the SMS messages. This day arrives just once in year. Life is too short so try to make your surroundings filled with your mother love and affection.


  • I am so grateful and blessed for having
    special mother like you. I appreciate you a lot. Take
    care always and God bless. Wish you a
    good health and pleasant Happy Mother’s Day!!!
  • Your loving nature and your delicate words,
    will always flow through me like a gentle
    flower. Make sure this day is your day,
    and rule with pure enjoyment and pure love!
  • Thank you mom for everything that you have
    done and keeping doing for me. Thank you
    God for having you as part of my life, you have
    taught me many good things, today what i have become it’s because of you.
  • Maa ki mumta kaun bhulaye,
    Kaun bhula sakhta woh pyaar,
    Kis tarah bataun kaise ji rahae hum,
    Tu toh baitee pardesh mein,
    Gale tujhe kaise lagaun,
    Lekin bhej raha hae pyaar ish sms mein,
    Tera betta meri pyari maa…
  • Pyar karna koi tumse seekhe
    Pyar karana koi tumse seekhe
    Tum mamta ki murat hi nahi,
    Sab ke dil ka ek tukda ho
    Main kehti hun Maa,
    Tum hamesha aisi hi rehna.

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