History of Labour Day 2024

History of Labour Day 2024: In this article we will be highlighting all the interesting facts and figures regarding the Labour Day. There are many workers and labourers who often wait around for the Labour Day holiday but they would have never bothered to think that when this day was originated and what is the main concept behind this fact. Labour Day was firstly started by America during the First Monday that arrives in the month of September.

History of Labour Day 2024

Happy Labor Day 1st May

This day has been set up just for giving all the positive appreciations and acclaiming the labour sector of the whole world. This day makes all the labours realize that they are an imperative figure in the society for making this country stronger and even extra successful. In simple words, this world would have never made such tremendous progress without the Labour.


                  The very first LaboUr Day was celebrated in 1880. On 5th September, 1880 the first Labor Day was celebrated with the national holiday all over the entire world. Hence there was no such bill and resolution that has to be passed in the favor of this LaboUr Day as the day was arranged as the national holiday by International labour Union.


                         In the beginning days this day was known as “Workmen Labour” but soon this name was replaced by the Labour Day when all the countries adopted this concept. As the Labour Day harvested its strong roots in the world all the countries find this day to be much vital and important for making the labours feel as the part of this society. Right from the beginning of the small labour working in some factory to the employees involved in some business are served with the national labor holiday on this day.

Every single year the importance and prominence level of the Labour Day has been touching the limits because this has been a major day that is the chance of grabbing the inspiration and motivations from the labourers. Although, during the scale of 18th century just the country of New York and America were indulged in celebrating the Labour Day however soon in 19th century this day spread in every single hook and corner of the world.

On the whole we hope that this article would have surely arrived to be the means of increasing knowledge regarding the Labour Day. If any sort of walks and campaigns are held around you on this day then don’t forget to support it for the welfare of the labours.

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