History of Military Swords

The words sword has its origin in English word which means to cut or thrash someone. Swords were invented during 1600 B.C in the Bronze Age but in 18th century it began to be strongly utilized in the warring ground for destroying the enemies.

As with the passage of time in 19th century these swords were no longer used in wars and gain the name of reputation and tribute for the army officers and it soon became the centre of attraction in army ceremonies and most importantly in the decoration of houses to enhance the beauty.

Let’s have a brief look over the entire history of Military swords which were of immense significance in the pages of past.

Art of swords

History of Military Swords:

Swords were firstly come into use when bronze blades were invented in Middle East and one of the oldest swords were found in Turkey. Those blades which were made of bronze were easy to stretch and curve quickly. These steel swords were begun to be highly considered for home garland.

But soon early swords appeared with big blades and they made their huge name in battles. China was the only country which prefer huge amount of bronze approximately 17 percent in their swords whereas other countries consider about 10 percent of bronze.

In the present era there are varieties of countries where bronze military swords have been appeared such as Harrapan of Pakistan and sundry sort shave been initiated in Fatehgar and Bangladesh.

During the Period of Iron Age:

After the bronze iron military swords were hugely recommended. Egyptians were the first to use them at a high level. Iron swords were quite easy to bend them quickly. At first it was not considered much but as maximum carbon was added into it than it strongly attains the attention of army officers.

During the Period of Chinese Antiquity:

Chinese have also given a special importance to the military swords. They introduced military sword in the period of Western Zhou Dynasty but it did not lasted for more than 3 centuries and thus ended in 3rd century. Chinese were also highly appreciated in producing Bronze swords which was entitled in their own Chinese script ????” Yuè Wáng zì zuò.

During the Period of Middle Ages:

In the middle period these military swords made their special place in the warring ground. It became popular because of high quality and strong cutting blades. Damascus steel was one of the most popular in the Indian subcontinent during the 5th century and the use of Damascus steel became extensively important in 16th and 17th century. During the Crusade war iron swords played a very important role for the warriors. Another military sword named as Bastard sword was also introduced but it did not gain much significance because of its low firm over the blades.

During The Period of East Asia:

With the passage of time steel gain much importance. The single edge weapon became very famous in Asia. Japan also presents forward their contributions towards the swords. Their Samurai sword was one of the most famous swords during the 13th century. Japanese highlights their Japanese Katana in 15th and 16th century which made a huge progress in battles as against the Samurai swords.

During The Phase of South and South East Asia:

Sri Lanka produces special military swords in an extra-ordinary material which helps a lot to make the sword looks sharper. In the 13th century a military sword named Talwar made a big name in India. It was especially use by Rajputs, Sikhs and Mughals for martial practice.

Moreover it is also given the name of god Shiva from the Indian community. Firangi, Kris, Parang and Golok are some of the most famous military swords which are playing an important role in Indian Subcontinent.

During the Modern Period:

In 19th century military swords are not fully considered to be warring weapon. There are numerous people around us who prefer to keep sword as hand guns with them to defend them in difficult time.

But no doubt that in the present era those swords which were considered to be valuable for the battlefields have been replaced by army officers ceremony purposes or for the reason of home beautification.

Ceremonial Use of Military Swords:

In the present century military swords are earning a huge name not only in battles but in army ceremonies. Many army officers highly prefer the military swords to be hung on their uniform which enhance the beauty of their uniform and make their reputation and status to grow much larger.

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