History of Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2024 Monday, January 18All the way in this article we will going to discuss the history of Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King Day is basically an American holiday that is undertaken each year on the third Monday of each January month. This day is just mentioned in this third week because even symbolized the birth date of King Luther Martin that is 15th January.

This day has been set as the federal holiday under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. King Luther Martin was known as one of the most famous American Civilian who stood against the racial discrimination in federal and state law. In the year 1993 he got assassinated and then the Government decided to undertake with the federal holiday in the memory of this great hero. This federal holiday is observed in almost 50 states all over the world.

Martin Luther King Day


The idea of setting the Martin Luther King Day as the holiday was firstly originated by Labor Unions in contract negotiations. Soon after the death of King Martin United States Representative John Conyers and United States Senator Edward Brooke passed a bill in which King’s birthday was known out to be a national holiday.

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King

Besides King Martin there are two other personalities as well whose birthday is celebrated is taken as the national holiday adding with George Washington and Christopher Columbus. On November 2, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed on the bill that clarifies the King Martin birthday as the federal holiday to honor King. It was celebrated for the very first time on January 20, 1986. There were many senate members as well who criticized with the bill because they have a notion that King Martin was not so important that his birthday should be celebrated as a national federal holiday.

This day is undertaken as the federal holiday in 50 stated adding with Arizona and New Hampshire. In 1991 New Hampshire undertaken wit the Civil Rights Day that was later changed into the “Martin Luther King Day”. On 2nd May 2000 South Carolina governor Jim Hodges signed a bill for undertaking the Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday an official state holiday.

Hence in this in almost all over the world you will going to find out the King Martin Luther holiday for the sake of giving tributes to his skills and achievements.

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