Hotels In Islamabad

You would definitely be surprised to listen that there are 29 hotels in Islamabad. Well there is not to get surprised because Islamabad is measured to be one of the main cities of Pakistan. This city is also the capital of Pakistan and hence the ninth largest cities of the country. As we know that the beauty and places of Islamabad cannot be denied at any cost but this city has all the time remained forward in warmly welcoming their foreign and national guest and provides them with the ever-best facilities in their hotels.

Hotels In Islamabad

These hotels have been filled with the pleasure of entertainment that helped the hotel business to grab the attention of maximum people. The staff of all the hotels will always greet you with the smile on the faces and even with the immediate services as well. In simple words we can say that when you are in the hotel room you are just a call away from receiving the facilities. The environment and surroundings enriched to the visitors is much comfortable and soothe and this thing made the hotels of Islamabad as the favorite and most desirable hotels in the whole Pakistan.

On the other hand many people think that the rates height of the hotels in Islamabad is much costly. Well that’s a true fact but they will cater all the facilities and services just keeping in view the requirements and wants of the customers. Just like all the hotels of other cities the hotels of Islamabad has been even too divided into the types of five star, four star, three star and two star. In this article we will be highlighting the complete sum total details of all the hotels that currently exist in Islamabad. Well on the whole whenever you get the chance to visit the City of Islamabad just don’t forget to test out the services and facilities of these hotels and we are sure that you will love to visit them again and again.


  • Marriott Hotel Islamabad
  • Islamabad Serena Hotel


  • Hotel Crown Plaza
  • Islamabad Hotel Pakistan
  • Hill View Hotel Islamabad
  • Best Western Hotel Islamabad
  • Grand Regency Hotel Islamabad
  • Hotel De Papae Islamabad


  • Four Season Hotel
  • Ramada Hotel Islamabad
  • Islamabad Regency Hotel
  • Hotel Margala Islamabad
  • Dream Land Motel Islamabad
  • Envoy Continental Hotel
  • Pak-Palace Hotel Islamabad


  • Hotel Ambassador Islamabad
  • Laraib Inn Hotel Islamabad
  • Margala Courtyard Hotel Islamabad


  • Marina Motel Blue Area Islamabad


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