Hotels In Sialkot

When the person firstly visits the Sialkot he or she never forget to give a look at the hotels in Sialkot. The city of Sialkot fully symbolizes the appearance of the culture and picture of traditions of Pakistan and this quality even reflects in the hotels as well. Sialkot is even known as famously with the title of City of Export.

This city has been placed in the Punjab Province and was founded about 5000 years back. This city was established by Raja Sul in 327 A.D. However, during the Alexander ear this city was completely destroyed but after it this city was again conquered by Raja Salban in 200 A.D. He was the one who build the famous and most famed Sialkot Fort in Sialkot.

As we mentioned that this city has been hugely involved in the export business therefore there are many such items and products that are exported by Sialkot adding with surgical goods, sports goods, leather garments, musical instruments, uniform badges, health gloves, stainless steel utensils, and many other.

Furthermore, in the category of export Sialkot earn about millions of dollars every year that increases the economic level of Pakistan. For the last few years this city has undertake huge development and recovery in the export business and in the view of such conditions this city has been even equipped with the largest airport as well. In addition to it, the Sialkot Motorway is also being hugely planned that would make it convenient for the people to travel into the city of Sialkot. On  the other side Sialkot has even overlook the hotel business as well because this city has been filled with very less hotels but all such hotels that have been so far planted are much famous and known. Some of the main prominent list of hotels in Sialkot is as follows:


Hotel One Sialkot:

This hotel is one of the top excellent hotels that are presently working in Sialkot. This hotel is filled with the comfortable environment and soothes surroundings. The rates of the hotels are also reasonable ranging from 1200 to 1400.


This hotel has been located in Sialkot at Kuthery Road. This hotel has been overflowed with all the air conditioned rooms, meetings halls, conference areas, cars parking, swimming pool and even small gym as well for men.


Rauf Towers is another most known and finest hotel in Sialkot. This hotel has been equipped with the status of three stars and serves the coming guest with all sorts of entertainment and relaxing surroundings.

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