Hotels In Pakistan 2024

There are many hotels in Pakistan that have been currently working for the nation and most importantly for their own people. All the hotels in Pakistan have been placed in major cities of the whole country. In simple words, we would say that the Pakistani hotels have been spread in every hook and corner of Pakistan.

Pakistan Map

Presently there are many areas where there is always the need of hotels and among such areas we have the Swat, Gilgit and Murree because people normally travel into such areas for spending their vacations and holidays. These regions have also been covered with many famous and well manageable hotels that serve out their patrons day and night. There is no such hotel that fails to live up to the expectations of his customer and lack in some facilities and the beauty of these places forces the tourist and Pakistani people to visit these areas and get fun from the hotel amenities as well.

The hotels of Pakistan have been termed into the categories of five star, four star, three star and two star hotels. Normally the five star hotels are much expensive and highest costly for the people and are just been located in the major cities of Pakistan. Now you might be thinking that which hotels have been placed in these categories. In this article we are highlighting the list of five star, four star and three star hotels in Pakistan. When you visit these places then don’t forget to take the pleasure by staying in these hotels because they will certainly impress you with the supreme facilities and superlative services of room making and foods items. Now let’s have a look at the list of hotels within Pakistan.

Hotels In Pakistan


  • Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi
  • Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhurban, Murree
  • Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi
  • Avari Towers Hotel, Karachi
  • Ramada Plaza Hotel, Karachi
  • Dream World Hotel and Resort, Karachi
  • Avari Hotel, Lahore
  • Marriott Hotel, Karachi
  • Marriott Hotel, Islamabad
  • Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore


  • Old Holiday Inn, Islamabad
  • Best Western Hotel, Islamabad
  • Shalimar Hotel, Rawalpindi
  • Shangrila Pines Hotel, Nathiya Gali
  • Shangrila Resort Hotel, Murree
  • Hotel Crown Plaza, Islamabad
  • Carlton Hotel, Karachi
  • Gilgit Serena Hotel, Gilgit
  • Holiday Inn Hotel, Lahore
  • Leaders Inn Hotel, Lahore
  • Crowne Plaza, Lahore
  • Sunfort Hotel, Lahore
  • Serena Hotel, Faisalabad
  • Sindbad Hotel, Multan
  • Ramada Hotel, Multan
  • Hotel Mehran, Karachi
  • Hunza Serena Baltit Inn, Hunza
  • Swat Serena Hotel, Swat
  • Quetta Serena Hotel, Quetta
  • Shangrila Resort Hotel, Skardu
  • Regent Plaza Hotel  and Conventional Center


  • Envoy Continental Hotel, Islamabad
  • Pak Plaza Hotel, Islamabad
  • Islamabad Regency Hotel, Islamabad
  • Dream Land Motel, Islamabad
  • Airport Hotel, Karachi
  • Day Inn Hotel, Karachi
  • Ayubia Motel, Murree
  • Hunza PTDC Motel, Hunza
  • Chitral Motel, Chitral
  • Hindu Khush Heights Hotel
  • Malam Jaba Motel, Swat
  • Ambassador Hotel, Lahore
  • Hotel Taj Palace, Sialkot
  • Hotel One, Sialkot
  • PTDC Motel, Hunza
  • Indus Hotel, Hyderabad
  • Quick Continental Hotel, Lahore


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