Punjab International Sports Festival 2012 Opening Ceremony Live

Here we will explain the grand Punjab International Sports Festival 2012 Opening Ceremony Live. As we know that after getting huge success of Punjab Youth Festival now Punjab Government is taking another big step i-e Punjab International Sports Festival 2012. Its opening ceremony will be starting on 7th November 2012. From the previous biggest event, we know that almost 32 teams will be participating in this event from the whole world.

Punjab International Sports Festival 2012

This mega event supports our country in order to promote other games. Through this mega event, a positive and incredible sign goes towards other countries of the world who strongly thinks that Pakistan is not a safe country. In this event, almost 32 countries are participating in different games. Moreover, we would like to mention that Geo Super will bring the live coverage of Punjab International Sports Festival 2012 opening ceremony live from the main city of Punjab i-e Lahore. We bring the latest updates of this ceremony so every reader should stay in touch with this page.

Furthermore, we would like to discuss that the main and important reason for the shortage of games in Pakistan is the security issues. Because of this reason, many international teams feel reluctant to visit Pakistan and participate in such types of events. But this time, Punjab Government provides complete and full proof security and protection to all the teams for making this event successful and protective. Now we would like to mention important countries in which teams are participating in this event.

The main countries are as follows:

  • Kazakhstan.
  • Uzbekistan.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Nepal.
  • Afghanistan.
  • Belfast.
  • Thailand.
  • India.
  • Yemen.

In additionally, many games will be played in this event like fist ball, football, baseball, kabaddi etc. Moreover, Punjab government also announced and makes it very clear that they do not want any type of politics on this event. Punjab Government gives an assurity that they will provide complete protection and security to all the teams.

So just wait no more time and tune your Geo Super Channel for seeing the complete live coverage of Pakistan International Sports festival 2012. We are completely sure that every Pakistani will definitely like this live coverage. So just wait few hours and you will see the incredible live coverage.

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