How to Apply Khud Kafalat Rozgar Scheme

How to Apply Khud Kafalat Rozgar Scheme Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & Punjab 2014 introduced the Khud Kafalat Youth Loan Scheme. For youth Khud Kafalat Youth Loan Scheme is available. To provide self-development opportunities to the youth is the main purpose of Khud Kafalat rozgar Scheme.

In KPK Province Self Development Scheme like Khud Kafalat Rozgar Program has launched. For the poor youth Government of KPK has started Khud Kafalat Rozgar Scheme in KPK region.

 Khud Kafalat Rozgar Scheme

Information related to the KPK Khud Kafalat Rozgar Scheme registration:

Only for poor youth and the people who are unable to solve their economic problem Khud Kafalat Rozgar Scheme basically in troduced. To promote the economic development of the country is the aim of the Khud Kafalat Rozgar Scheme. KPK Province people can start their new business. In the below in formation about such scheme is available.

Loan is availableFrom 50,000 to 200,000

Guarantee of 2 Person will require

Loan Period: 3 Year is the Condition of Loan

18to 50 Years Eligible for this scheme

Interest-free loans of RS 4.8 billion will be provided to people Under ‘Khud Rozgar‘ Scheme. In four districts of the province Health Insurance Scheme is being started initially.

Poor families in private hospitals enjoy medical facilities under the Health Insurance Scheme. The Chief Minister said Punjab Social Protection Authority, ‘Khud Rozgar‘ Bank, Health Insurance Scheme and Punjab Khidmat Card projects are totally ready and we are given a final shape.

He also said that under ‘Khud Rozgar‘ Scheme that interest-free loans of four billion and 800 million of rupees will be provided to the people. In future interest- free loans will be implemented in a more effective manner so deserving person enjoys benefits of that Scheme.

To provide relief to the people and their welfare Punjab government is spending billions of rupees. For raising living standard of the low-income segments of the society Punjab government are providing maximum resources.On merit basis interest-free loans are being distributed among the deserving persons

Khud Kafalat Rozgar Scheme 2014 registration apply online and eligibility procedure download;

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