How to Verify Your Vote Online and Via SMS

“How to Verify Your Voting Eligibility and Registration in Pakistan’s Voter List Online”

Unquestionably, the act of casting a vote is a cornerstone of a robust societal relationship with its governing body. Yet, in the past, the significance of one’s vote often eluded many, particularly the younger generation.

However, in recent years, there has been a remarkable surge in enthusiasm among the youth to register and exercise their voting rights. Consequently, These interested people should become acquainted with the procedure for confirming their listing on Pakistan’s online voter list, as this is a crucial step in guaranteeing the legitimacy of their vote.

How to Verify Your Vote Online
How to Verify Your Vote Online

A voter list plays a crucial role in the electoral process, as it contains a comprehensive record of the voters’ information and the constituencies where they are eligible to cast their ballots. Hopefully, this surge in voter registration will result in a higher voter turnout in the upcoming general election, a promising indicator for the local community.

Rather than just complaining, it is paramount to choose the right candidate who will contribute positively to the nation’s progress. It’s vital to bear in mind that, post-election, these elected officials hold the reins to your community’s development projects and numerous other critical matters.

This process of casting your vote is your instrument to select the government you wish to see leading your nation.

In nations like Pakistan, the members of the provisional or national assembly wield significant authority in making decisions, both favorable and unfavorable. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your vote is steered in the right direction.

How to Confirm Your Inclusion in Pakistan’s Voter List

For those wishing to verify their presence on the voter list compiled by the ECP, here is a step-by-step guide:

ECP Vote Check Code


Step 1 First of writing The CNIC number without dashes
Step 2 Send an SMS at the Number”8300”.


The Election Commission of Pakistan has initiated this service in collaboration with NADRA to assist eligible voters in verifying their registration status. By entering their CNIC number and sending an SMS to the number 8300, individuals can access a comprehensive set of information.

Upon completion, you will receive detailed information about your:

  • Electoral area
  • Block code
  • Serial number

Please note that sending an SMS to the number 8300 incurs a cost of 2 Rupees, plus applicable taxes. At present, online verification of your voter status is not available. The SMS method is currently the sole means to confirm your presence on Pakistan’s voter list.

It is important to recognize that voting is a straightforward and essential civic duty, and there should be no excuses to abstain from it. In the next election in our country, make sure to exercise your right to vote.

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