How To Reduce Electricity Bill In Pakistan?

The increasing expenses of electrical power have been a source of worry for countless individuals nationwide. It is distressing to see half of one’s earnings being used solely for covering the cost of electricity. By merging a background in engineering with the abilities of a detective, substantial reductions in electricity bills can be achieved.

The objective is to minimize energy usage from 293 units to below 200 units. A simple energy meter, priced around Rs. 3000, can be utilized to measure the units used by various electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, electric irons, and more. For example, a refrigerator that runs continuously for 24 hours to preserve food consumes approximately 4 units over 24 hours, which translates to around 120 units over 30 days.

Using three 10W LED bulbs for lighting in different areas of your home, such as a room, kitchen, and restroom, will consume approximately 2 units of energy per month, resulting in a total of 125 units over the course of a year.

Electricity Crisis

Maintaining a comfortable temperature during sweltering weather is crucial. Utilizing two fans with a power output of approximately 80 watts will result in a monthly energy consumption of around 34 units, assuming the fans run for 14 hours daily. Modifying your fan usage by turning them off after returning home from work can further decrease energy consumption. Instead of relying on fans, you can also opt for outdoor activities like taking a stroll in the park or visiting a shopping mall. In Pakistan, the dhabba culture serves as a communal space for citizens to socialize and engage in meaningful conversations, offering a respite from online platforms.

When it comes to the electric iron, certain individuals may decide not to use it. Adding up the units, the overall usage can be significantly less than 200 units (around 160 units). There is the option to make slight adjustments and use a few extra units if necessary.

By maintaining energy consumption below 200 units for six consecutive months, customers can qualify as “protected customers” and enjoy a lower subsidized tariff on their energy bills. Additionally, they can benefit from promotions and cashbacks through the electric service provider’s preferred banking channel, offered by companies such as IESCO, LESCO, FESCO, and others.

By monitoring electricity usage, you can identify patterns and make informed decisions to reduce consumption. This not only saves you money but also helps the environment by decreasing your energy footprint. Additionally, investing in more efficient technologies, such as inverter fans, can further optimize your energy usage and lead to even greater savings.

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