Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2024

Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2024: In this article we will going to give away the detailed information to the readers in view with the Human trafficking awareness Day 2024. Human Trafficking is a trade that is being used up in humans for the sake of forced labor and sexual slavery as well. There is no such single country that is not involved in such actions. It can even take place inside your country or even on international level as well.

In many countries Human Trafficking is known as one of the biggest crimes because it is actually a violation against the victim rights. They are forced to work out such things for which they are not agree on any means. Here we would like to mention for the readers that Human Trafficking Day is celebrated each year on 11th January.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day


The bill for calling Human Trafficking as a crime was foremost held by United Nations in the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children that is also known as Trafficking Protocol. It is basically known as an international agreement that is all run and supervised under the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) as it was firstly followed on 25 December 2003.

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From the last few years it has been view out that Human Trafficking is much seen in the children and with the passage of time its percentage is increasing even more and more. Children can be put into this work through the commercial sexual exploitation and even through the sexual pornography as well.

Such practices can even take the shape of slavery, servitude, the removal of organs, early marriage, begging and so many others as well. In the year 2011 almost 35% of the children were found to be engaged in such practices especially in the countries like Thailand and Brazil. Human Trafficking in children can take place because of the extreme poverty of the parents or if they are under the pressure to pay off debts.

So this was all about the Human Trafficking Day 2024! It is the greater need to make the people all aware from the Human Trafficking and its negative harms on the society.We can take the help of media to make the people aware in national and international. Don’t forget to fulfill your responsibility of arising the people from this cause on 11th January 2024….

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