Islamic New Year Calendar 1445 Hijri

Muslims around the world have welcomed a new Hijri year 1445, with the primary day of the lunation of Islamic calendar.

Islamic year begins with the holy month of Muharram. Sequent the primary day of the new Hijri year 1445 can begin on 19-Jul-2023. The Islamic New Year calendar lasts for regarding 354 days and consists of equally 12 months as like lunar months.

Islamic New Year

In Islamic calendar, Muharram month is the initial month and a few Muslims mark the beginning of the new Islamic year the on the first day of Muharram month. In Asian nation and Kuwait, similar date was confirmed by spiritual authorities.

Hijri islamic calendar 1445
Hijri islamic calendar 1445

About 1.57 billion Muslims everywhere the world and nearly 64 Muslim Countries do not traditionally celebrate their new Hijri year rather they begin their Islamic new year calendar with the reflection of prayer.

The Hijri year is that the year-numbering system or Calendar era.

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