Kate Middleton Pregnant Royals Official Baby Announce

Kate Middleton is pregnant Royal official announce as just a few weeks before. It would probably be the biggest and yet the happiest news for the royal family ancestors. As the officials has announced the news in front of media but when Prince Charles was asked about this news then he also agree upon this truth and confirmed that Kate Middleton is expecting and he is very much happy and feeling top of this world for being the grandfather.

Kate Middleton Pregnant Royals Official Baby Announce

He further affirmed that he feel very happy that he is becoming grandfather at such a old age and his daughter in law is perfectly fine and healthy. He was even questioned about the joke that some radio station did a fake interview of Prince Charles and Queen for increasing their radio station popularity. On this note Prince Charles take it as a joke and asked the reporter that how did he know that he is not a radio jockey and laughed loudly? Well this happiness totally reflects the inner gladness and joy of Prince Charles for being a grandfather. Kate Middleton has a small check up at the hospital that confirms the fact that she is expecting with a baby.

Kate Middleton would be holding the first child of Prince William after nine months. She said that if they will have a daughter baby then they will be naming it as Lady Diana. In addition, this news has been confirmed from all the sides. Even Kate Middleton has also verified this news to the media along with her friend Victoria Beckham. Many of the Royal members were predicting that Kate Middleton will be expecting after two years of marriage but they have just get surprised because it happens in just one and half year.

Well on the other side England media has been spreading fake news that Kate Middleton and Prince William marriage happened so early that everyone thought that Kate was also expecting before her marriage as well but she lost her child.

But Queen Elizabeth has overlook this news and verify the truth that they had even carried out a check up before the marriage that completely signify the truth that she was not pregnant. Well on this last note we would wish both the father and mother with all the best wishes and we hope that we would see a baby girl in the face of generous and kind-hearted Lady Diana for sure.

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