Lee Purdy Vs Carson Jones Boxing Fight

We will talk about International Welter Weight Lee Purdy Vs Carson Jones. Most of the people would not be aware from their names but all such people who are boxing lovers they will be all set for supporting these two boxers. This fight will be taking place for the title of International Welter Weight that will be taking place on 8th December at 8:00pm.

Lee Purdy Vs Carson Jones Boxing Fight

This event hold great importance for all two players because they have given all their dedication and passion and most importantly this event arrives just once a year and the loser once will surely have to wait for one whole year. Let’s have a quick look over the biography and career review of both these players.


Lee Purdy was born on 29th May 1987 in Colchester in United Kingdom. Lee has been an English boxer with the nationality of British. His closed mates and family members named him with the nick name of “Lights Out”. Lee Purdy has seen the success heights in just minimum time scale. Since the foundation of being the boxer he has been playing for Welter Weight Championship. In 2001 he won two Welter Weight titles as one in British and one in Southern areas by defeating Craig Watson and Denton Vassell. The height of Lee has been 5’7. He has been huge positive responses and appreciations from others and this has been the major reason that with the passage of time he is becoming more and more skilled and talented.

  • Date of Birth: 29th May 1987
  • Nationality: British
  • Height: 5’7 feet
  • Style: Boxing
  • Weight Class: Welter Weight


Carson Jones has been one of the most famous and distinguished boxers in the boxing universe. He was born on 19th August 1986 in Oklahoma City. There have been many titles within the account of Carson Jones that lend him with the designation and recognition. He was the last Light Middle Weight Champion in 2010 and has even taken hold over NABA Continental Light Middle Weight Champion in 2009 as well. He has been even known with the nick name of “Mr”. He is listed as the seventh most first rated weight class boxers in the whole world.

  • Date of Birth: 19th August 1986
  • Working Style: Boxing
  • Nationality: British
  • Height: 5’10 feet
  • Weight Class: International Welter Weight group

On the whole of it both of them are just too tough and strong. As Lee Purdy has been identified for his skills then on other side Carson Jones has been known for his firm punches. Let’s see whose destiny will bring a shine for his country pride.

Lee Purdy vs Carson Jones

Date: 8th December 2012. Fight Postponed
Venue: Los Angeles


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