List of Technical Training Institutes In Pakistan

Technical Training Institutes In Pakistan: Technical education means the education that is in the use of different kinds of machines and techniques of industry. Those who obtain such education learn the parts or components of machines and the ways of working and repairing them. They also learn about the production and use of their spare parts. We need technical education to run our different industries and to expand them. We have the cloth, sugar, iron and other chemicals.

There are commodities that are produced that we use every day. Technical knowledge is necessary for us to run these industries. We have to make quick industrial progress. We have to set up new industries manufacturing heavy machines like car and aeroplane engines.

It is just possible only if we have highly educated industrial and technical experts. Those students who have pass the matriculation and intermediate examination in Pakistan they can join the industrial and technical institutions in Pakistan.

“Technical Training Education”

We have the urgent need to take quick agricultural progress. We can do this if we take hold into account machines including the tractors, threshers, engines and tube well machines on our farms. We shall have to set up such industries that would help us in their production.

We moreover also have the immediate need of the technical experts for working on it and for that purpose we just need to put together such institutions that would make the foundation of those people who wants to get educated in this profession.

There should be a large number of such educational institutions all over the Pakistan. We should have highly qualified technical experts needed to plan and set up new industries in Pakistan. They are also needed to supervise the work of industrial workers and technicians and to guide them as well. We have engineering colleges and universities in Pakistan that provide engineers and technical experts that make the technical sector additional successful and glorious.

These engineers and technicians should know the latest industrial techniques and methods. We do have the technical or industrial institutions in Pakistan where a technician, foremen, oversees are educated and trained. We should have more of such institutions.

Better facilities for training industrial should be made available. We need first industrial experts, technicians and workers as well. On the whole this education with the name of technical holds back the extreme significance for our future and for the country success as well.

 List of Technical Training Institutes In Pakistan

  • Agriculture Research Institute – Quetta
  • Agricultural Census Organization
  • Agriculture Training Institute
  • Applied Economic Research Center – Hyderabad
  • Applied Economics Research Centre – Karachi
  • Area Study Centre – Far East and Southeast Asia – University of Sindh – Jamshoro
  • Asian Management Institute
  • Azra Naheed Center for Research and Development – Superior University Lahore
  • Business Incubation and Support Company
  • Bioresource Research Centre (BRC)
  • Central Cotton Research Institute – Multan
  • Central Cotton Research Institute – Nawabshah
  • Centre Of Excellence In Analytical Chemistry – Jamschoro
  • Centre of Excellence In Geology – Peshawar
  • Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies (CIDS-IUB)
  • Civil Aviation Training Institute
  • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
  • Commecs Institute of Faculty Training
  • Computer Training Centre
  • Directorate of Research and Training
  • Directorate of Manpower and Training, Sindh
  • Directorate Of Veterinary Research Institute
  • Soil Research and Survey Center
  • Directorate Of Staff Development – Punjab
  • [International Research organization]e Sci (
  • Environmental Protection Agency – Punjab
  • Economic Evaluation and Research Centre Pakistan (EERC)
  • Farm Guide Agricultural Consultancy Services
  • Fisheries Research and Training Institute –  Lahore
  • Geological Survey of Pakistan
  • Health Services Academy- Islamabad
  • H. E. J. Research Institute Of Chemistry
  • Hydrocarbon Development Institute Of Pakistan
  • In-service Agricultural Training Institute Rahim Yar Khan
  • Institute of Research Promotion (IRP)
  • Industrial Relations Institute Lahore
  • Inspectorate of Mines Government of Punjab – Lahore
  • Institute of Education and Research – Karachi
  • Institute of Meteorology & Geophysics
  • Institute of Marine Engineers Pakistan (IMarE)
  • Institute of Policy Studies (IPS)
  • Institute of Regional Studies – Peshawar (IRS)
  • Institute of Strategic Studies – Islamabad (ISSI)
  • Institute Of Cost And Management Accountants Of Pakistan
  • Integrated Health Services (IHS Pakistan) – Islamabad
  • International Institute of Islamic Studies and Research IISAR – Karachi
  • Iqra University Research Center (IURC)
  • Legal Research Institute of Pakistan (LRIP)
  • Local Govt. and Rural Development Training Institute – Lalamusa
  • Margala Institute of Health Sciences – Islamabad
  • Marine Fisheries Department
  • NDFC- Pakistan Development Banking Institute
  • National Centre Of Excellence In Analytical Chemistry – Jamschoro
  • National Centre of Excellence In Geoloy- Peshawar
  • National Centre Of Excellence In Physical Chemistry – Peshawar
  • National Fertilizer Development Centre (NFDC)
  • National Fertilizer Corporation Technical Training Centre  (NFC)
  • National Institute of Electronics
  • National Institute of Historical and Culural Research
  • National Institute Of Labour Administration Training
  • National Institute Of Malaria Research And Training
  • National Transport Research Centre
  • PARC-IIBC Station – International Institute Of Biological Control
  • Pakistan Administrative Staff College – Lahore
  • Pakistan Agricultural Research Council – Islamabad
  • Pakistan Forest Research Institute – Peshawar
  • Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre (PITAC)
  • Pakistan Institute for Air Defence Studies
  • Pakistan Institute Of Cotton Research And Technology
  • Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE)
  • Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)
  • Pakistan marine science council
  • Pakistan Design Institute of Historical Perspective
  • Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER)
  • Pakistan Institute of Management – Karachi
  • Pakistan Institute of National Development (PIND)
  • Pakistan Marine Academy
  • Pakistan Manpower Institute
  • Pakistan Medical Research Council
  • Pakistan Meteorological Department
  • Pakistan Space And Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
  • Pakistan Scientific & Technological Information Centre
  • Pakistan Readymade Garments Technical Training Institute (PRGTTI) Lahore/Karachi
  • Perac Research & Development Foundation
  • Petroman
  • PIA Training Centre Karachi Airport
  • Research and Development Solutions
  • Sindh Bureau of Statistics
  • Sindh Development Studies Centre
  • Sindh Regional Plan Organization
  • Soil Survey of Pakistan
  • South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS)
  • STRAPS (Scholar Teacher Research Alliance for Problem Solving)
  • Technical Training Centre, Peshawar
  • Textiles Industry Research & Development Centre
  • The Family Planning Association of Pakistan
  • The Institute Of Bankers In Pakistan
  • The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • Training and Management Development Dept. of the Agricultural Development Bank
  • University College of Engineering & Technology The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • Veterinary Research Institute Lahore
  • Water Management Training Institute Punjab
  • Pakistan Institute of International Affairs Karachi
  • for Social Science Research
  • Ceee Solutions Solutions of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Thermal Power & Sustainable Power

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