Mahira Khan Is Ready For Divorce?

Mahira Khan Is Ready For Divorce? Well after listening about the relationship breakups of Asam-ul-Haq, Nadia khan, Shaista Wahidi and Azfar & Salma now you might be always thinking that which of other actor or professional field related icon will be unfortunately getting departed from their relationship.

Mahira Khan Divorce

Well now you don’t need to scorch your head any more because the news has been spreading related to the marriage breakup of Mahira Khan.

Yes you are absolutely right! It is the same Mahira Khan that firstly makes the people crazy with her VJ talents on MTV and now she is showcasing her acting skills in television serials.

There is no doubt that Mahira Khan is just known for her serial “Humsafar” that gave her huge recognition as Khirad and once again she has decided to rule over the hearts with her heartfelt performance in “Shehere-Zaat”. But however when it comes to personal relationships then this fame and popularity is just useless.

Mahira was married to Ali Askari in 2007 who is the Creative Director of MTV and Play TV. Both of them have even a cute baby boy as “Azlaan”.

Ali Askari is recently busy in attending the PFDC Fashion Week in New Delhi so it would currently be not suitable to come into a conclusion because the actual verdict can just be made clear through her husband.

Well on the whole when we look back in the past it has been so far witnessed that all the actress and morning show host usually get disconnected with their personal relationships after getting excessive fame and popularity and this certainly leads to the divorce.

Mahira Khan To Tie Knot

Mahira Khan is reportedly set to marry boyfriend Salim Karim in September. This will be her second marriage. The ceremony is expected to take place at a hill station in Punjab, Pakistan, with close friends and relatives in attendance.

Speculation is rife about the impending nuptials of the renowned Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan, as she prepares to enter the next chapter of her life with her long-time beau, Salim Karim.

According to reports circulating within Pakistani media circles, Mahira is gearing up to exchange vows in the upcoming month of September this year. Sources cited in a recent publication by Daily Pakistan suggest that this marks Mahira Khan’s second venture into matrimony, as she readies herself to tie the knot with her boyfriend, Salim.

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The forthcoming wedding ceremony is purportedly slated to transpire at a picturesque hill station nestled within the Punjab province of Pakistan. The intimate gathering is expected to be graced by their closest confidantes and family members, as they celebrate this joyous occasion alongside the radiant couple.”

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