Mahnoor Baloch During Traveling Pictures

Mahnoor Bloach is a well known model, actress and talented film director of Pakistan. Mahnoor Baloch is a Canadian national and she works in Pakistan. Fans of Mahnoor baloch know about her talent and qualities that make her star in the country. Mahnoor Baloch starts her career as a model when she was at the age of 23.Mahnor Baloch During Traveling 006

And as many other actresses of Pakistan she also starts working in Tv drama serial in 1993. The first drama in which she shows her talent is Marvi that was directed by the Sultana Sidiqui and broadcast on PTV.

Mahnor Baloch During Traveling 005

She also work for well known brands in their advertisements. She works with great efforts and she is one of the hard working actresses of Pakistan industry. Mahnor baloch like to travel different places so here are some pictures of beautiful Mahnoor Baloch during her traveling…

Mahnor Baloch During Traveling 003 Mahnor Baloch During Traveling 001

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